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    • WLMZ EXCLUSIVE: Update on Jordan Trance Following Mysterious Attack   May 16, 2024 – The wrestling world has been shaken by the recent backstage attack on Jordan Trance, one half of the charismatic tag team known as the "Future Idiots." Trance, the son of OCWFed Hall of Famer Jacob Trance, has been quiet on the matter since the assault on RIOT 620. This isn’t suspicious, as Jordan has often been the quieter of the two.   The attack takes place at an unfortunate juncture, just as Trance and his partner John Carter were gearing up to reclaim their OCW tag team championships. WLMZ has learned that Trance sustained a severe shoulder injury, putting their plans in jeopardy. This is further heated, as the Future Idiots have been plagued by trust issues fueled by online chatter, Twitter posts, and suspicions stemming from Carter's sketchy past and his conspicuous absences when Jordan is in trouble.   Insiders from OCWFED (Online Championship Wrestling Federation) have confirmed that Trance's injury is significant and unexpected. While the exact nature of the injury remains undisclosed, it is clear that it could sideline him for an extended period, jeopardizing the Future Idiots' chances of competing at the upcoming Point Break PPV event.   The attack has ignited a storm of speculation. Many fans and pundits point the finger at John Carter, suggesting he orchestrated the attack to shed perceived "deadweight." Carter, however, vehemently denies these accusations, instead blaming the duo of Ijitu Quartz and Harvey Ocean, known as "Perfect Storm."   Perfect Storm has publicly denied any involvement.    "We handle our business face to face, not like cowards who hide in the shadows," Quartz stated in a recent interview.    Despite their denial, the mystery of who attacked Trance remains unsolved, leaving the OCWFED universe divided and on edge.   John Carter is set to appear at the next televised OCWFED event, Turmoil 314, on May 17th. He is expected to address the allegations against him and update the fans on the status of the Future Idiots as they head into Point Break on May 26th at 3 PM ET LIVE on Twitch.tv/ocwfed.    Fans are eagerly awaiting updates on his recovery and whether he will be fit to compete. The Future Idiots' future hangs in the balance, with John Carter facing mounting pressure to prove his loyalty and innocence in the eyes of the wrestling community.   Stay tuned to WLMZ for the latest updates on this developing story and all your OCWFED needs. Will Jordan Trance make a miraculous comeback, or is this the end of the Future Idiots as we know them?  
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