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  • AN Excerpt from Gabe Seltzer's Interview with Mugen



    A video starts playing with a portion pulled out from a recent hour-long sit-down interview between Mugen and Gabe Seltzer. The camera focuses on Wrestling’s #1 Journalist Gabe Seltzer as we jump in mid-interview.


    Gabe: So, you are in this undisclosed location at the moment but we have learned that you and Wrex did do a small tour of Japan as part of your SCUM x TOLMC Holiday Special.


    Mugen chuckles for a moment as we see him sitting in a large reclining chair wearing a bright red festive blazer and matching red pants.


    Mugen: You know, that special was supposed to be for our Japanese fans only and word wasn’t really supposed to get out about it but I guess it’s this day and age now right? The internet spreads word fast when it comes to these things.


    Mugen pauses for a moment to take a sip of his festive cocktail that is in a comically large Christmas tree shaped glass before continuing.


    Mugen: Yea, so we did a small little tour, 5 nights, 5 matches amongst a random assortment of talent. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was kinda sh**.


    Gabe: Will the special get a worldwide release? We saw a teaser for it at the Animol House Charity show.


    Mugen: Honestly, there was no intention to release it worldwide. I think the teaser was sent in by a hardcore fan of ours to OCW management. I hear the only way you can see it is if you go on Instagram and find a big TOLMC fan in Japan who recorded the whole thing on his vintage camcorder from the mid-2000s.


    Gabe: You know the demand must be great, I’m sure you could pack theaters like Beyonce or Taylor Swift did with your Holiday Special.


    Mugen has a hearty laugh as he takes another sip from the comically large glass.


    Mugen: Gabe, you’ve known me for what….15 years? When has it ever been purely about the money? This one is for the fans. This is for the day 1s. This is for the family.


    Gabe: Speaking of Animol House, did you watch? If so, what did you think?


    Mugen pauses for a moment as he gathers some of his thoughts and nods along.


    Mugen: Drago and I may not be best friends anymore but there is one thing we can always agree on and that is we do it for the animals. If EMP wanted me at the show, I would have shown up, no problemo but let’s just say, I wanted to still stay on the low for now.


    Mugen: I may not have participated on the show BUT I did have my assistant send in a donation on my behalf because at the end of the day, it’s for the animals.


    Mugen takes a sip from his glass again before he starts to shake his index finger towards Gabe’s direction.


    Mugen: There is one thing I do want to talk about though. The Last freaking Blacksmith.


    Mugen motions for the camera to focus in more closely on his face.


    Mugen: This was a charity show for the animals. But of course, you had to put the spotlight on yourself. You had to become an animal yourself. I liked the little horse head you brought back, that was cute.


    Mugen slides himself closer to the camera.


    Mugen: Do you know what they do to horses that can’t compete anymore in the horse racing world? They don’t have a happy retirement, they don’t get to frolic in the fields and live the rest of their lives. They get a bullet to the head and they get put the f*** down.


    Mugen pauses as his eyes dart around the people in the room and back to the camera.


    Mugen: I will be the one to personally make sure that you can no longer compete anymore in OCW. No more title shots, no more disgusting cheap attacks, no more Horsey. I’m putting the challenge down now, you, me, Safety First Rules. A presto amico mio


    As Mugen gathers himself back into his seat, the interview continues and the clip finishes.

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