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    Following her recent triumph over Tiffany Sensation, daughter of OCWFED CEO Mr.Sensation, at OCW 19, OCWFED General Manager EMP has sent shock-waves through the wrestling world by declaring an earth-shattering revelation scheduled for OCW Riot 616. The enigmatic statement, "PAGE 2," has left fans and industry insiders speculating about its potential implications.


    The buzz surrounding EMP's announcement has reached a fever pitch, with wrestling enthusiasts eagerly anticipating Riot 616 to unravel the mystery behind "PAGE 2." While the meaning remains cryptic, many believe it holds the potential to spell disaster for Mr.Sensation and the OCWFED.


    EMP's recent victory over Tiffany Sensation only intensified the animosity between EMP and the OCWFED CEO. The General Manager, who has been on a relentless warpath since being denied a Wrestlution Main Event slot in 2023, has not minced words about her intentions for 2024. She has openly declared her resolve to "burn this company to the ground" if her terms are not met.

    The wrestling world is on edge as OCW Riot 616 approaches, with all eyes firmly fixed on EMP and the impending revelation of "PAGE 2." The event promises to be a pivotal moment in OCWFED history, with potential ramifications that could reshape the landscape of professional wrestling.

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