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Riot 3-29-11

Cash Creed

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Riot, despite being short, was actually quite good this week, although I would have liked to have seen something from Trevor McManus or Parker Stevens.


This weeks TV title match had a much cleaner ending to it than the last, and it was actually going either way for its entirety. Leonheart showed why he's going into the Hall of Fame by handing out some beatdowns, and KD reclaims his beast mode vibe. We don't get Thanatos vs Le'Tuce, and we don't get an explanation as to why not.


Fausto vs Mayhem was quite good, but I felt the finale that followed was a little predictable, bar the added stipulation, though they had to fight for something, really. Once the announcement was made at the start of the show I figured it'd be the guy who'd been putting a lot of work in media wise for OCW, call it a reward for busting his ass to change everyones opinion of him.


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You're welcome KD.



[23:39] locoNY911: You get solace in the fact you arent a fuck up.


2k9's better than 2k8. Like being shot in the knee is better than being shot in the head. - Guy Fausto

[18:40] locoNY911: I mostly aggree with your statements

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A Hostile Point Of View!

Idk felt catchy, reviews need a name anyways.




So we kick off Riot in San Antonio with Jacooobbb Trance. I refuse to believe Aries attacked Trance. I feel Trance had made an attempt to commit suicide and failed and due to the fear of losing his best friend Aries displayed a slight bit of anger on his face. So Trance = Retard for trying to commit suicide with Triple H's sledgehammer claimer of so many careers..


Nevermind next paragraph sets me straight. I guess Aries is attacking Trance now(GOD NOT AGAIN!) Cant you two stay friends for more than a year? If Trance wasn't banned I think it'd be Trance and Aries II. Lawl. I wonder where this attack will lead in all honestly. I dont completely mark for it. I think Aries and Trance is a bit overdone.


After Aries gives the final blow to Trances 'prone' body, the camera pans to the J-C-S. Sensations running up his legs announces that he is to address the events of Riot last week and states that OCW, the great, great OCW was founded off of words I will not say due to fear of Rock telling me i'm a fruity pebble Via Satellite.


Sensational one plays to the crowd about OCW. All good things must come to an end. Our 5 man Main Event at lution has been cut down. cough* ARIES cough* There has been a new contender chosen for the match.


Next we go to Dane $ Xavier's dressing room: an oh so familiar place. Dane collect the winning money from his Justin Rockstar for the match he had against DJack last week and then bets double or nothing. If Dane loses he's out of the money. If he wins Rockstar pays him double what he owes. Gotta keep the hoe's in line not get owned by the hoe's Dane. Rockstar pulls a swift move before shaking Danes hand for the deal then jets keeping the money. As Dane chases after he wrestling security guards that Adam Mikely promised an OCW match stop Dane in his tracks right outside the door. They want their match. Dane promises that the security guards can at least exert a little punishment to someone despite not getting a match.


Good RP. Mic work from Dane is great as usual. I feel Danes gone soft. Rockstar is getting away with a lot in my opinion. I feel the Dane 2 months ago would have smacked the shit out of Rockstar for even a weird look. Again Good RP.





I haven't even started this match yet. Predisposition's forced upon me by Dane suggests a loss… Sorry Dane. D-Jack is a down right monster in the ring lately and has been competing in some strong dm's. D-Jack>Dane


I can almost taste ittttt! WOT?!?!?!


Dane gains first control in the match with a good few moves only receiving a dropkick from the pirate. Dane has miny game control in the match. Dislike the 3 runi… 4 running moves in the first 2 mins of the match.. Dane uses the ref to gain control again over D-Jack quickly lost. Control is going back and forth fairly evenly and at good times. Entertaining match so far.


Pausing the match just before half way point to discuss a major major concern.. I disliked the toe kick, to strike combo to sig to ground finisher.. Specially since Dane had the sig after the toe kick. Whether it was entirely on purpose idk.. Just think that it was a little much for the strike combo to sig. Could have been worse, at least he didn't sit there till D-Jack wobbled for 3 seconds to do the sig and instead he did it right away.


Clothesline to Hell is just Money for Dane. D-Jack reverses a sig attempt to running move… Halfway point D-Jack in control miny games are even. D-Jack connects with finisher Dane kicks out. D-Jack with another running move to combat a sig. Great reversals by both superstars. Dane hits 2nd finisher 3/4ths through the match D-Jack kicks out before one.


Woulda liked to see some more action outside after Danes reversal of the outside dive. D-Jack cant hit anything involving him flying through the air. He hits his third attempt. DJack is still a reversal boss. I think he should be winning more matches but oh well.


Sucks seeing this match end without a finisher. Specially with the amount of sigs Dane had gotten. But they cant all be gems.


***** 3/5 Stars: Solid opening match.


After the match we go to KD and Jim Black. Smythe has bailed out of KD vs Smythe and KD in turn gives another shot to a rookie after destroying the Ambition #1. Lucas Dimsmore. Okay RP.. quick filler I guess just to explain changes in the card. I'm guessing Smythe never showed up for the match or something. KD vs. Smythe would be good to see again but oh well. Maybe next time.





Chris Ryder, TV Title in hand welcomes San Antonio to the building. Feeling in a rather good mood lets the boo's slide. But then bitches on the Refs. I continue to mark for Ryder's use of ring announcers in his RP's. Ryder bashes on Corny Storm.. I thought it was 'Code'??


The Referee's got smart with Ryder and replaced one of the Ref's with a rookie referee. Mr. Tan-monsoonout was replaced due to injury. Ryder laughs it off but I think he believe he's gonna stroll in with a pillow at a gun fight and win.


I think the build up of this turned out really great. I'm expecting like I said Ryder to run into a little trouble. Maybe the rookie ref is actually a bit bigger and stronger than any normal ref. I started off uninterested and in the last two weeks, Ryder has captured my attention.


Next we move to Jookie coming down to the ring. Side note: Jookie I outta beat the living hell out of you… Smoken your medicine… sheeeeet.


Jookie's gonnna be at WL6. Cool beans. What are you gonna do tho? Get beat up again? lolol


Jim Black doin work with the Black. Arnaud is shooting for the Ex Division championship for Lution. Will he get it?

Pretty boring RP.. I see it as random babbling to fill space.. No real purpose to it other than the last few statements by Arnaud.




To start this match should be quick i hope. No offense to Dimsmore. K.D is literally ABM recently. We're a quarter way through the match at the end of KD's entrance. I mark for Dimsmore's first bit of audio.


Match starts off a bit sloppily. KD's getting worked. Too much rage guess. Fight goes to the outside early. KD fails at the irish whip over the steps. Back into the ring KD has control. 3/4ths through the match Dimsmore has no momentum. Hits a nice boot in the corner on KD. Fans don't bite. A Sig is obtained shortly after is hit. Dimsmore gets dropped on his back then Black Racked for the submission victory by KD.


This match was really from the git go all KD's way. I had expected him to win, ABM should always win. Dismsmore was in the right place at the right time and got some exposure good for him. The match coulda been played off a little better for ratings sake but a wins a win right? KD is on a roll!


***** 3/5 Stars: Quick match but not many great spots and lacks just a little on the excitement bar.



Fausto argues with Creed on his match with the kid that has the crazy hair.. Creed like a carring GM scrubs out Fausto vs. Hallows. Before letting Fausto go, he makes one more change to the whiteboard. Drawing in Guy Fausto vs. The Monster Mayhem. Well, Mayhems gotta have dinner at some time of the night.


Another good RP. Great mic work from Fausto with great syntax. Captured right from the beginning with the story and Creeds reaction to Fausto's whining is epic. The bitch out at the end make me laugh.



Lock up to start the match. Control broken by Storm and we're underway! Little trade of taunts and Ryder looking for the quick win. Good trade of momentum through the first quarter of the match no real significant spots hit.


Cody throws Ryder to the outside and hits an outside dive on the 'prone' Ryder. I mark for Close Your Eyes song. Control still through the first half of the match back and forth. Cody seems to have a few more points down that Ryder.


Ryder hits a dropkick knocking Storm out to the floor and throws him over the steel steps. They get back in the ring and continue trading. Ryder hits a nice Missile Dropkick off the top rope. Ryder 0-2 on springboards. Side Note: Mark for the Ryder gold/tan? and black attire.


Ryder hits a sick corner dropkick 3/4ths the way through the match and gains a sig shortly after. Storm with a lou thesz switches control. Momentum is even coming to the last few minutes of the match. Storm his a nice little tree of woe back breaker. Ryder strike combo's Storm when Storm had a sig. Ghey. Storm attempts to do the same but Ryder hits his sig and wraps Storm in the crossface for the submission victory.


Great match overall. Really back and forth and that always makes matches good. I think Ryder and Storm would make for a good pay per view match given there was a feud behind it. Specially if the TV Title was on the line. I'd like to see this guys feud at some point down the road. They put up good quality wrestling consistently week after week.


No mic work at all from Storm this week bummed me out.


***** 3/5 Stars: Disliked the strike combo for defense of sig and running move as defense to the sig.


We move to Jim Black again backstage… D-Jack is wearing a bra…… Its supposed to be a joke.. ehhh… Jim Black has some words of encouragement. Jack being the competitor he is, is still disappointed.


Jack address' his chances at the EX Division Championship and rumors of D-Jack retiring at Lution.


I would really really hate to see D-Jack actually retire after Lution. I would much rather him stay. I know he's bumming because his buddy Baxter left but who knows that may just be temporary til he gets his head on again. D-Jack you should stay. You're a quality wrestler and you put up good RP's. Unless this straight up bores you I see no reason why you should leave. Good RP. Jim Blacks all over the place tonight.






Leon shoots back at Pato for the attack. A Video is shown of Pato beating Leon with a steel pipe and raging in his native language.. God knows what he said. This was short and sweet to the point. I like the use of the unaired video and it had a good WWE Raw pre match RP effect. Solid. I enjoy Leon vs Lotus.




Lotus attacks Judas up at the stage. Judas dead… They turn to Leon who distracted still catches a sneak attack from Illuminati. LKO to Illuminati and he disappears to Matsuda rushing the ring. Another LKO is hit. Matsuda also disappears and Pato rushes the ring and gets locked up in the STF. Leon lets go and grabs a mic. The Streak vs. The Monster at lution is verbalized.


In all honesty I did not see this one coming at all. This feud seems back and forth every week. Maybe a little too much attacking going on. For my taste personally. but thats cool I guess their feud their angle. I still like Leon vs Lotus. Its just too much attacking now.






Match starts off differently than others I mark for this. This is definitely a suitable main event. It has some good vibes about it and it feels like a main event. Fausto is showing no fear and is legitimately challenging Mayhem. First quarter of the match goes to Fausto.


Already filled with key reversals Fausto remains on top reversing a running big boot in the corner. Fausto showing off some power blocking Mayhems strikes. The first half of the match ends with Fausto being dropped face first into the steel steps. Mayhem in control at the end of the first match with a mark.


Man I hate the sound of the Rev's (A7X) snare… :/


3rd quarter of the match just goes back and forth pretty good. Mayhems a little ahead as expected.


Mayhem takes a cheap shot at the Ref. Hopefully he's okay and doesn't have a broken nose. We know how pissed Ryder would be…


Mayhem gains a sig for the first time of the match shortly after. Loses it, gains it back and hits it. Fausto tries to stagger the monster but he winds up falling on his head. Mayhem pins and gets the 1-2-3. I liked the whole match had no complaints really. Good FPR both sides. This is a great veteran match. Just proves why you guys are considered veterans here in OCW. Good showing.


***** 4/5 Stars: Great all around match. Our first true feeling main event in a while in my opinion.

Right after the match Dane's music hits as he appears from behind the curtain with security guards. One guard is told to get into the ring and trades blows with Mayhem. The 2nd shortly after rushes to the ring. The numbers game takes the Monster down and the 3-1 assault begins. Dramatic Music!!! Duh Duh Duh! Dane takes shots to mayhems chest. They leave shortly after Mayhem beaten and battered.


I liked this attack. I though Mayhems work on the scar was good. Dane elbowing him could have been a little bit better if like they showed a scene of the monster bleeding from the scar again after. I appreciate the effort and it was still good.




Smythe's music hits. He talkes a game against Sensation. The mental game is thought to be won by Smythe. He continues to verbally taunt Birdie which is a good playoff. He assumes that Birdie and Sensation are having an affair.


Sensational melodies play in the arena and comes out to confront Smythe. Sensation speaks of apologizing to Smythe and that sets off a bit of anger within Da Wonder. Cowardly bitch motherfucker.. great word choice ^.^


Sensation offers 51% of shares to Smythe for fighting him at Wrestlution 6. Smythe happily accepts.. Sensation sprays a few more words and we have the close of the evening.


I am extremely stoked for this match. It completely tops the WHC match for Lution by far! Great RP. Not hard to follow at all either.





RP's 4/5


Matches solid 3.5/5


Jim Black Rating: 5/5


Total Review time: 2 hrs.













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Next we go to Dane $ Xavier's dressing room: an oh so familiar place. Dane collect the money from his hoe and then bets double or nothing. Gotta keep the hoe's in line not get owned by the hoe's. Rockstar pulls a swift move then jets keeping the money. The wrestling security guards that Adam Mikely promised an OCW match stop Dane in his tracks. Dane promises that the security guards can at least exert a little punishment to someone despite not getting a match.

Someone skims...




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