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Riot 05-04-11

Cash Creed

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Dane is pretty much carrying the Lution Main Event here... I shudder to think how contentless we would be without him in the match.


D-Jack however is putting in quite the shift, as is Cody Storm. Good showing from the EX matches, and the FI.


Props to those putting work in, I've yet to watch the main event, but I can say Dee Jones put on his best match to date with Cody.


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A Hostile Point Of View:




We start off Riot live from Atlaaaanta, Georgia with K.Dangelo raging. Its a great way to start off Riot. I think K.D. has a great spark and can easily open or close shows. However, this RP is trash.. KD's supposed to be raging but there is no emotion in the RP. It's very bland and the dialogue until he snaps at Stacey. From that point on it was a decent role-play. Coulda been a lot better but it just sounded rushed through.


Storms RP in the ring was good. While his voice doesn't suit his caw at all, he had a good play of words. Innovation. It would be cool to see this more. While the FI match doesn't really interest me a whole lot, it was a good hype rp and I'm curious for the winner.


After storms RP we go backstage again. Ryder has easily the best mic work of this page. I am currently a follower of Professionalism. But I still think he's gonna get screwed at Wrestlution. As far as his call out of KD in his match later on, well that could go either way. I've been hearing rumors lately and I'm not too happy with them. If thats the case then shame shame shame. I look forward to the match either way.




Jim Black and D-Jack!!! The boss from last week had a moment to catch his breath. Lets see if he earns his paycheck again this week. I mean Black btw. D-Jack has too much negativity but if he were to epicly come out of wrestlution victorious I would be happy. This is a good angle given the recent events. I like the RP a lot. D-Jack saying he will be more motivated at Lution makes me happy.




Match off the bat is a little grainy but doesn't really bother. NVM it was just KD's entrance.. So the man of a million class's rumor thats going around is kinda gay, I hope someone wouldn't do that in OCW. This match starts off strong with good back and forth action. The match going out to the outside is good. If Ryder's class is agile submissionist i don't feel he should be picking up KD. Overall it was a good match no real epic spots but good action for sure. Good win Ryder. You shoulda made him tap ;)


Overall: ***** 4/5 stars


After Ego vs Ego we go to Smythe in the back. I don't know why this is posted on page two, this would have been worthy of opener or page 4 at least. This is a good RP and smythe better take good care of OCW after he makes a mockery of Jay. Master dawonder.. HAH




We come back on page 3 with Dane $ Xavier in the ring mic in hand. This is a good hype RP for the 4 way at Lution. Really good work by Dane going through each competitor and then setting in on the Champ giving him extra lines. Obviously its like that because he's feuding with the guy but even if he wasn't it would make sense to talk more about the champion.


I really liked the burning of the tattoo'd flesh. To me it signifies that anything Nate related has been removed. Mayhem should feel this one itch at his skin as its happening. The music during the video of Mayhems appearance is a little out of place.. He prolly shoulda just left it silent isntead of really upbeat and happy. We are burning Nate after all.


Judas Hallows and Justin Rockstar in the same match but against each other will be good. I hope they don't put a screw job on D-Jack. It would suck to see the pirate lose in the end. Good Roleplay overall and i was intensely interested in what you guys had to say.




I would love to see D Jones pull a mr. america type angle. I think he would easily have the sickest attire. He'd only have to change his tights since he's already got the right boots. Match isn't really high profile but I think it will turn out pretty decent. Theres good control switches through out the match although cody is in majority control. This is a good preview for Lution.

Overall: ***** 3/5 stars





Dunno if DJacks music was left out on purpose or what not but the pryo went good with the beat haha Jookie is still a miny version of KD who switches his music every week!!! Jookie's face actually looks like a white guys. I like how the match is interrupted right away.. Haven't really seen that in a while. Jookie's improvements are dead obvious however with the mint game idk if you can progress much with it its crazy how he got so good at it so fast. Probably just changed his tapping style or something.


So far this match is really good Im enjoying it other than the music. I had to mute that shit before the first song was over. Jookies player taunt fits him. Jook had bad luck missing that finisher before the end. DJack couldn't capitalize tho. Good match over all. KD's attack at the end is really good so's the editing until the JKO.


The contract signing was great I wish there was an animation for the table flip. It seems like something like that would be an obvious in for THQ but whatever. Good switch to the SCM animation from the attack scene. Overall great editing. :)


Overall: ***** 3 1/2 /5 stars


Main Evento



Quality was really fuzzy during the match. Ultimately this was a great but really long match. You all had some major lag at the end of the match. Dane's and Mayhem's little after match thing was good too low bow ftw.


Overall: ***** 4/5 stars




Overall this riot lacked the role plays but had good quality matches. Not the best ideal Riot going into Lution. But it will do..

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