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Brandon Hostile

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Intercom: "Ladies and gentlemen passengers of Southwest Airlines flight 163: Welcome to San Diego, California. Temperature of about 68 degrees, calm winds, partly cloudy skies and about 8 miles visibility. On behalf of myself and my crew I'd like to thank you for flying Southwest Airlines and we hope to see you again."


A subtle ding reverberates throughout the plane as passengers take off their seat belts and pick up their carry-ons and the few with stow-aways as well.


Man: "Hey buddy! Wake up the flights unloading."


Brandon Hostile fidgets and opens his eyes.


Brandon: "Thank you."


Man: "No problem."


Brandon pulls himself up and grabs his small suitcase out of the upper bins. As the exiting traffic moves forward slowly he peeks out the windows observing the airport terminals and run ways. He approaches a flight attendant at the exit he nods back to her thank you and makes his way up the cat walk to the terminal. Flash backs of times with his brother repeat in his head as he walks through the glass door to the lobby. He stops and observes the crowd around him and lets off a small sigh.


Brandon: "I need to go to a show tonight…"


Hostile makes his ways through the airport to the exit. He never stops for a larger suitcase at luggage. As he walks out the door a girl runs up to him and jumps on him laughing. The girl is about 19 years old. Blond hair, tattoo's a pierced lip and septum. He embraces her tightly and kisses her cheek. She extends her legs and Brandon puts her down gently. He holds the side of her face and kisses her.


Brandon: "God I've missed you so much."


Girl: "I've missed missed you too. You wouldn't believe.. You've been off for nearly two months now its stupid that you still had to follow them around that whole time.. Then you just get kicked down again and sent to Ambition???"


Brandon: "Calm down babe.. Its not that bad. I would have liked to have spent that 2 months with you and you know it. But wrestling is my life I gotta learn and I'm still really young."


Girl: "Well its time they started showing some appreciation.. I know those hot shots there wouldn't have done that.."


Brandon: "Korra, its okay.. Don't worry about it. I have a couple days off now so lets use our time together and have some fun."


Korra: "Okay sweetie. What do you wanna do?"


Brandon: "Hmm… Who's playing at Soma tonight?? I haven't checked up on their shows lately."


Korra: (Laughs) "I knew you'd say that. Well, guess what?! Its actually the band that made your theme song! We Came As Romans!"


Korra smiles at Brandon as he lets off a big smile as well.


Brandon: "We must go to this. Even tho I've been thinking of something way different to use now. We should still go. That song means a lot to me."


Korra: "Yeah I know! Here the shows about to start soon I'm sure we can make their set."


Korra and Brandon get into a car and drive to Soma. As they approach the venue more and more hardcore kids are walking around. Long hair, skinny jeans, beanies and fake Ray Bans. Heavy music playing in random cars. Korra parks the car and the two get out and walk up to the venue entrance. Security guards instantly recognize Brandon and give him hugs and shake his hand. Being a regular at a venue at some point in time pays off. Security lets the two in and they walk into Main-stage the mainstay area.



After the song they walk to the back of the room and take a seat in a random corner. As The band starts moving their stuff and the next band starts setting up.


Brandon: "Korra, things have been changing a lot in the past 5 months.. I feel so alone out there on the road. I lost my brother and you did an amazing job helping me out with that situation. Specially since mine and Trey's mom left. I just hope that with this new Ambition deal I can find myself again and get back on track."


Korra: "Yeah baby I know. You'll get going again. You were on a tear in the ring. I'm surprised all the crap on the out hadn't affected your in ring performance really. You've been a top contender for a while now."


Brandon: "To me the top isn't good enough I want more… I want to be that guy that everyone has respect for. That guy that everyone loves. I know I'm not that big and to accomplish this I have to pull a lot of weight for a long time. Its just gonna be so difficult."


The next band finishes a quick sound check and kicks off their first song in the background. Hostile and Korra stand up and move behind a wall and sit again. They just listen to the music play.



As the song ends Brandon repeats a line: "I said its time you believe in me." He turns to Korra.


Brandon: "Its time they believe in me. I may be small but I can accomplish so much. I hope they're ready for the fall and what's to come. We smash ourselves, live fast and break it all for the ones. Stand by me, through all we see. I know we live fast and break it all. I'll break it all. Cuz I've got strength in here."


Hostile looks around at the venue as his domain and his home. The music plays on as

the scene fades.

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