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A Test... Of What?

Kale Lockhart

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Behind The Scene's Rumors!!


by Jim Black


Thursday February 23, 2012


Jim Black: OCW camera's caught up behind Skip Kerplowski over heard a conversation between him and at first an unknown rookie who would later be mentioned in the conversation.


The camera fades to the video of the phone call. Skip is seen standing beside Will Pepperton. The two conversing aggressively and arguing about who is a better wrestler. Skip immediately begins ignoring a retaliation from Will and just pulls out his cell phone. He flips it open and pokes at the numbers until he hits send. While he waits for his call to go through and be answered Will walks past him and nudges his shoulder.


Skip: Hey how are you today you ready to go?!



Skip: Thats what I like to hear kid. You've been on quite a roll lately.


Skip: Well, each week I've specifically set you up with a challenge of a different nature. This week will be no different. Tonight, you go one on one with Bedlam.


Skip: There should be no reason you don't come out on top tonight. If you want to make it here in OCW you will have your hand raised at the end of the match.



Skip: That you don't need to worry about. Go out there and wrestle your game and to make matters a little bit more difficult for you, no Kerplowski Klutch tonight. You must beat your opponent with that other weird thing you know how to do.


Skip: Look this is a test specifically designed for a reason! Do as I say and you will understand later. I may be old but I'm still better than Pepperton so you better be thankful I'm on your side. That old man leaves ashes on the mat every time I throw him down.


Skip: Well kid I'm gonna go, and remember you cannot win by the klutch tonight.




Skip: Bye.


Skip hangs up the phone and walks off as the camera fades.

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