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Wrestlution Breaking: Mez Murdock arrested!


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OCWFED.com has discovered that a third of the A-Team, and a competitor in tonight's tag team finals tournament Mez Murdock has been arrested in Anaheim, California ahead of Wrestlution.


According to local reports, Mez Murdock was attending a swap meet with several hooded gentlemen, and got into a heated discussion with another man over a swap deal for various early 80s sitcom VHS tapes. The unnamed man, apparently a devout catholic was unhappy that Mez had offered him a "Bag of something" in return for the three Diff'rent Strokes VHS tapes he was hawking.


Sources say the disagreement soon turned to an altercation, as Mez Murdock punched the man in the neck, leaving the man laying on the floor. Police were called, but Murdock was nowhere to be seen - later they stopped his White Ford Bronco on the I-5, headed to Compton, where he'd been renting a house with fellow A-Team members OG Baracus and Hannibal D. Police arrested both Mez and his posse before impounding his vehicle.


At this time, it's not known what charges Murdock faces, and whether or not he will make it to Wrestlution...


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He punched him in the neck? Ahahahahahahahaha....


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