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Live and Unleashed 2!


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Part WWE 13 "test run", part awesome exciting Live event. If you- YOU want to be involved in the first live event of the season, then pop your name below. Don't bitch, don't moan, if you don't wanna be involved, just watch.


Confirmed so far:


Tiberius Dupree (And Alts)

Cody Storm


Parker Stevens (?)

Sean McGee


Terrence Romero


Aiden Ryan (?)


Thomas Maypo



Michael Hollywood

The Artist formerly known as Mayhem

Brandon Hostile (?)

Ricky Mendihaze



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'Don't worry about no one else, hows my hair look' - Tiberius Dupree

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Too Soon for Parker Sensation III
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Welcome to OCW, keep tough skin, speak your mind, and most of all have fun.-Betterness

"I'm going to be brutally honest here guys... all we really need for a good Riot is a few RP's from Our Hero himself... he's an awesome writer!!!" - Smythe

CCWJustinTime: just funny how the shit i do goes un appreciative

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"Summercide was 2 white girls away from being a cook out" - Cyberbully 2099

" makes me laugh how its gone from all ambition era holding the titles, to 3 guys from 07 holding the main titles..haha

welcome to the 'Pensioner Era' - Parker

"This is all part of my plan to equalize the playing field until we have a roster of people I can actually BEAT" - Bobby Digital

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I can't see it being the 3 hour extravaganza it was last time - because I can't see everyone having 60 alts. But showing up with 1 caw will be enough! I also have no idea if the servers will hold up - but we'll pray for sun. Last time we had issues getting into matches, but we stuck with it, and got a hell of a show. Hopefully we'll get the same here


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Note! The Time is subject to change, as the clocks are about to change this coming weekend in the UK, not sure about the US, therefore I'm not sure what time we're looking at just yet. Keep checking the site, and I'm sure I'll be going on about it all day when its happening
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