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In the centre of a training ring in an OCW warehouse stands the Mastodon, the North American Champion of the World - The Precedent. He paces back and forth, his championship belt glistening in the unforgiving intensity of a lone spotlight that illuminates him. A grin cracks his face as he surveys the scene - his kingdom. The warehouse, aside from the ring, is completely barren. No audience, not even another soul as Pugh prepares to address the camera.


Pugh: Selfish gains. Selfish gains. All they care about. There’s no big picture thinking, theres no “Where do we go from here?”. Just “What do I get and who do I need to trample to get it?”. The answer after Sunday? You come and you try to trample me.


He shadow boxes a little before continuing his diatribe.


Pugh: While working with Leonheart makes my skin crawl like nothing else, it serves a purpose. C4 - HiiiPoWeR can become a reality. A higher level of ability, of excellence, of pride in ones work. Heart, Honor and Respect for this business, for this company. Where levels of skill are at an all time high and levels of mediocrity at an all time low…


He suddenly begins to run the ropes for a moment before quickly stopping and stroking his beard


Pugh: How can I trust Leon I hear you ask? I can’t. But Leon is the lesser of two evils. He made me an offer to create something special here in OCW - to create a pure wrestling project. No more hooded figures, no more pirates, no more midgets - just pure, unadulterated strong style professional wrestling… and all I have to do to get my dream of absolute control in this ring? Sell my soul.


He nods, strokes his beard further and gets closer to the camera


Pugh: or… what little of it I have left right? See, I do concede that this could be a fruitless endeavour - Leon has no honor - so why would that change now? Why is it different this time? The answer is simple - I am different this time.


His voice echoes off the walls of the training centre, bouncing around the one time World Champion.


Pugh: Leon has never met my ilk before. Bloodthirsty, aggressive, arrogant. You try to take what you promised Leonheart and make no mistake…


Pugh stares into the camera intently, veins bulging from his head


Pugh: I will take your life… See Leon this is no longer a game. I don’t trust you, but you trust that there isn’t a wrestler past or present who can outdo me on the grandest stage. You trust that you’ve selected the best candidate and you definitely have, but be warned. If you want peace - you must prepare for war. I am ready to burn this place down around me if it means that I can rebuild it in my own image. So Sensation, Leon, whoever else has ideas above their station this is your one and only warning…


He props himself up in the corner as the camera follows him in close. He begins wildly gesticulating towards himself.


Pugh: Sensation, there isn’t a man alive who I’m unable to beat. Bring whatever the hell you have - hell bring two of them, three of them if you have too… it doesn’t matter. Wrestlution 9 is your last ever day in charge of this sinking ship - and you’re going down tied to the front of it. C4 over everything.


Pugh raises the NA title to the heavens as he arrogantly smiles into the lens. Pugh seems absolutely focused as he puts himself into the corner, climbing the turnbuckle and posing for an invisible Wrestlution audience.

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