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Mugen Reveals All!


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By: Mathew Turkleton Bloom


OCWFED had a chance to speak with the North American Champion. The Original Bruce Lee of OHH WEE, the Sultan of Suplex, Mugen. We got some of his thoughts walking into the 10 Year Anniversary of Online Championship Wrestling.


How do you feel walking into the biggest match of your career so far.

I feel like I am in complete control of the match. It's just a matter of who I pin at the end to hold on that belt. I've beaten people worse than Drago and Matsuda so to me, I could not be any more confident in a positive outcome.


What are you're thoughts on Drago?

I want to destroy Matsuda so I'm not even going to worry about Drago. He can do his hunting expedition elsewhere so leave us two grown folks out of it


How do you feel about Matsuda?

I will murder that Benedict Arnold. I will make him wish that his gold fever never struck because now there is NO turning around.


What do you think about Season 10 on the horizon.

I can not wait for Season 10 because a new season means rookies. I just hope they stick around and make an impact like some of the rookies we have had in the past. I also plan to go into season 10 still as the North American Champion.


What are your thoughts on Online Championship Wrestling?

10 years is a long time for anything to be continually running especially in the wrestling industry. I've been in and out of the company for the past 7 years and I'm making it my priority to stay at the top of OCW for years to come.


Thank you for your time!


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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


"Booking Wrestling is the most thankless no-win position anyone could ever be in. When things go well it's the talent that makes it work. When they go badly, it's because the Booker doesn't know what he's doing." - Eric Bischoff


Jookie: what website do we upload to againi for got

Our Hero: uploadafraud.com

Jookie: fuck u boricua


"I'm like Smythe, except Good" - Matsuda


OCW works best when it’s a melting pot of different ideas and opinions coming together to create some cool ass shit. It’s at its worst when people are only invested in their own/their pals’ content." - Paul Pugh

"I'm 5,9" - Ry

"I'm sorry if this sounds mean but OCW shouldn't be allowed to vote" - Jake Allen

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