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A Friendship Soaked in Blood and Alcohol

Stacy Clark

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Has Turmoil's World Championship come between two friends, or was a friend coming between a man and the World Championship?


By Stacy Clark Apr 8th at 8:51 PM


Since practically the beginning of OCW's Turmoil fans have watched the tenuous relationship between B-17 and Jackson Montgomery transform time and time again; first from uneasy allies, to protector/protected, to good friends, and now hated rivals?


As the two original, outstanding, rookie members of the Turmoil roster the two naturally gravitated together. B-17 would attempt to make a friend and Jackson would send mixed signals; the start of every awkward teenage rom-com. But as time would progress, Jackson would be forced to lean on B-17 as he fought with his demons, succumbing to alcohol addiction.


Ultimately, it would appear, Jackson would turn on B-17. He has since gone on to capture the Turmoil World championship (one of two to currently hold it), and appears to be flipping the bird to friend, foe, and fan in turn. Naturally, his first match as champion would be against his former friend, B-17 this past week on Turmoil 117.


B-17 would shrug off, at least momentarily, this betrayal and put the good of Turmoil first in his mind setting his mind towards keeping the title out of both Jackson and Kassidy Hayes' hands. When asked about sticky title situation, B-17 had this to say:


Do you know what happens when you back an animal into a corner? He eventually lashes out. I'm an honorable man who has no choices left to pursue. Bradley has actively screwed me over for his own gains. Kassidy whom I once considered a....competitive rival with respect sent men to attack me. Jackson is my brother, my friend, but he too has turned his back on me. Yet I've never before last week been truly honest with myself, I can't allow them to be champion, I can't because I've fought through the corruption and and the lies and deceit to find myself once again on the wrong side of Bradley decision.


I find no satisfaction in this, but I'm doing what's best for Turmoil...Turmoil needs a champion that earned it, I beat Tank a week before his title shot. Kassidy left, but I've beat him too. Jackson, he rode my success to better himself and stole the chance when he had the chance, meanwhile I've cleaned up both their messes but no more. No more covering for Jackson, no more delusions about the type of person Kass is, only the truth.


Truth is, the OCW fans want me there and I want to be there for them. They deserve better, I deserve better.


Now the question is whether or not B-17 can make good on his wishes. As all saw this past week, B-17 did defeat Jackson Montgomery in the main event, however he did so by count out. As any good wrestling fan will tell you, a title can not change hands by count out. So while B-17 may have defeated the champion, had this been a title match, Jackson Montgomery would still be champion.


And so the question remains: Can B-17 stand up for the OCW Universe and beat The Champion in the middle of the ring prying the title out of his former friend's hands? Or, maybe the better question is, with this win over The Champion, will B-17 even get a chance to do so? Tune in to Thursday Night Turmoil to find out.

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Good, I'm glad. I wasn't intending to come in and throw a wrench into any of your plans. I just didn't want the article to be totally dry


Separate issue. I like the idea of adding realism to it. Next step is a real bar brawl.

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