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The Man Behind the Little Girl

Stacy Clark

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20 Minutes with Kwan Watts!


By Stacy Clark April 14th 11:37 AM


Anyone who has been keeping up to date with their Riot viewing has probably noticed one of the OCW roster's newest additions: Kwan Watts (and if you haven't, you must be blind because you can see those attires from space). Mr. Watts has been on the roster for a few weeks now, captured a few W's, but very little is actually known about this man. As such, Mr. Watts was the perfect roster member to start with in our new bi-weekly segment "20 Minutes With", where I sit down for twenty minutes with a roster member and try to get them to open up a little bit, for you, the OCW Universe. So, without further ado, my © interview with Kwan Watts (W):


C: It's nice to meet you Mr. Watts. I've been watching Riot the last few weeks and there's been this new wrestler who seems to jump off of the television screen, sometimes literally, but I realized I know very little about him. What does anyone really know about Kwan Watts? What would you like us to know about yourself?


W: It's nice to meet you as well Stacy. The first, and perhaps most important, thing that anyone should know about me is that I LOVE to party. I'll party with anyone, anywhere. Dancing is like second nature to me and I use my love of partying and dancing to connect with as many people as I can. I believe that's why I seem to "jump out" at you.


C: OK, so you love to dance and to party. Is that what inspired your wrestling attire? It's, um, very unique.


W: Very unique on purpose, I like to stand out. I want to be different from everyone else on the roster; noticeable. That's why I wear what I wear.


C: And why it comes in every color across the visible light spectrum?


W (Kwann started laughing at me before he answered here): What can I say? I like change. I'd get very bored with myself if I were wearing the same thing every week in and week out. All of the colors are exciting. I like to think it keeps the audience engaged.

C: OK, that makes sense. So how did this personality develop? What did you do before wrestling?


W: I was a professional partier Stace! I had a HUUUUUGE Twitter and Instagram follower. Well over two million followers. I was a professional dancer as well, really that's how my social media fame started. Don't tell me you've never heard of The Kwan!?


C: I plead the fifth.... Please don't look up that video. ....Anyway, so what are your plans for your future here in OCW?


W: Stacy, I'm going to dominate OCW. I may come off as a big fluffy teddy bear, but I can get serious, and vicious, when I want to. I'm going to crush people in the ring, have fun doing it, and make my way to the OCW World Heavyweight Championship. THAT'S what I'm going to do in OCW!


C: Big plans for the big man. Alright, more short sighted, what are your plans for the big show? Will Kwan Watts be a part of Wrestlution X?


W: Of course I'm going to be a part of Wrestlution. This is number ten, it's going to be the biggest party in OCW history and I have no intention of missing it. As for how I'm going to be involved, you and your readers are just going to have to tune in to Tuesday Night Riot and find out.


C: Alright, well thank you for your time Mr. Watts, I feel like this was a very successful start to our new segment!


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