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Q&A With Austin Brooks


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The scene opens up, a room with curtains and a OCW Poster in the background with the likes of OCW Champion, Kassidy Hayes on it. The camera is positioned to focus on two people, an Interviewer walks in and takes a seat on the left seat.


Joshua Michaels: Hello, and welcome to this exclusive interview with the one and only, Austin Brooks.


Michaels plays with the paper nervously, he looks like he doesnt know what he's doing.


Joshua Michaels: And here he is!


Austin Brooks walks in casually, wearing a jeans, and an Adidas hoodie. He takes a seat on the right side. He then leans in and offers a handshake to Michaels which Michaels accepts.

Joshua Michaels: Welcome Austin.


Austin Brooks: Thank you, Joshua is it?


Joshua nods.


Joshua Michaels: Let's get into these questions shall we?


Austin Brooks: Of course, hit me with them buddy!


Joshua Michaels looks a the paper closely and squints his eyes.


Austin Brooks: Uh, Do you need glasses or are you alright?


Joshua looks up


Joshua: Huh, oh sorry. No I'm fine.


Austin Brooks is quite confused with this interview so far.


Joshua Michaels: Okay, Question #1: How is the training going?


Austin lets out a little smile and then speaks


Austin Brooks: You know, it's going quite good to be honest. I've been prepared my whole life for what's coming in the near future. I'm really excited to finally get in a OCW ring.


Joshua Michaels: uh huh. Question #2: Since you are from Australia, how's the Vegemite?


Austin Brooks lets out a laugh.


Austin Brooks: To be honest, Michaels. I'm not much of a fan of Vegemite. But I understand why you'd ask.


Michaels nods and then continues reading his notes.


Joshua Michaels: Question #3: What is your Finisher?


Austin Brooks smirks.


Austin Brooks: Well, I wouldnt want to ruin the surprise for everyone. But all I'll say is..it's going to be a heck of a Blood Rush...for whoever takes it.


Brooks then winks towards the camera.


Joshua Michaels looks closely at the paper.


Joshua Michaels: So, I actually have no more questions for you. But this note at the bottom says to leave you in here and that you will be able to speak to the OCW Fans.


Brooks looks at Michaels and nods.


Joshua Michaels: Thank you for your time.


Austin Brooks: No thank you, have a great day buddy.


Joshua Michaels takes his papers and scrunches it into a ball, he then slaps himself calling himself stupid. Brooks witnesses it and is confused. He snaps out of it and then looks towards the camera.


Austin Brooks: Ah..OCW Fans...the Universe...the Crowd. What else shall I call you? I guess we'll find out whenever I am set to debut. But here's what I do want to speak to you about.


Brooks moves the chair to be directly in front of the camera, he then retakes his seat.


Austin Brooks: I really do think people underestimate me, I understand it too though. I'm the new guy, I'm the rookie and know absolutely nothing in this business. But, I do know something...I do know how to wrestle, It's all I've ever known. It's all I watched when I was a kid, when I was a teenager, I still do watch wrestling. It's not a hobby, it's a passion, it's an addiction. And nothing will be able to cure the addiction. But let this be well known, I'm going to be alot to take down, I'm going to keep coming back, fighting back and coming back until I dont have an inch of breathe in my body. I dont give up that easy. I am not going to be like everyone else, lose and then leave. I'm not here to make myself famous, It's not about money, it's about passion, it's about WRESTLING. I love this...and nothing...and nobody will stop my passion and drive for this. I am here..to stay.


Austin Brooks get's up from his seat and walks off.

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Austin Brooks

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