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EVIL Has Arrived

David Hunt

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News got out that new OCW Prospect, David Hunt, has showed up to the OCW Performance Center. Jim Black is on the scene looking for an interview.


Black desperately searches for Hunt in the Performance Center. He notices that the place is empty. He checks the training room and sees nothing. He checks the weight room and sees nothing. Checks the cafe and sees nothing. All of a sudden the lights turn off and everything turns pitch black. Black pulls out his phone for the flashlight. He manages to get to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom he hears something dripping. he walks closer and closer to the dripping sound. Then the drip landed on his head. Black feels his head and looks at his hand and sees blood. He then looks straight up and sees blood leaking from the ceiling. He frighteningly turns around and sees someone standing right there.




The lights flick on, it's the Ventriloquist of Violence, the Father of EVIL, The Anarchist David Hunt.


Hunt: Hello Jim.


Hunt stares at Black with a frightening smile on his face.


Black: D-D-D-D-D-David! The news is out. You are the latest signee of OCW. What do you hope to accomplish in OCW?


Hunt still stares at Black with the same look.


Black: They call you the Father of EVIL. Can you touch on that?


The lights flick off then on. Hunt is now standing right in front of Black.


Black shits his pants.


Hunt: EVIL is coming......


Lights flick off and on. Hunt is gone. Black runs out of the performance center to tell the world what he just witnessed.

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Introduction RP's can be some of the most difficult to pull off; so, not bad. I think it's a good length (TWSS). I have a feeling that my first RP in OCW was way too long (I talk a lot) but I got positive feedback, so it encouraged me to keep going in that direction.


I didn't go with hype videos or suddenly appearing at a show, I wanted to slowly build up the mystique of the character. I don't think I included any NPCs or other wrestlers, as I was a rookie, so it was just arriving outside the arena and making some kind of cryptic comment.


You have to understand, whether it's good writing or not, whenever someone new enters a community of "paid dues", the community's first reaction is, typically: "But what have you done for me lately, Eddie?"


The more intimidating you try to be, the more apprehensive they may become, concerning your ability to back it up. On the other side of that, if you do back it up, then it helps you get over.

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