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Wrestler Bio: Quartz


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WRESTLER NAME: Ijitu/Inness/Intell Quartz

KNOWN AS: Quartz

HOMETOWN: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

HEIGHT: 6'2''

WEIGHT: (currently) 263 lbs

AGE: 36 years old

THEME SONG: Legendary (Ready to Go - Limp Bizkit)


SIGNATURE MOVES(S): Quartz Elbow (Spinning Elbow Smash), Criplex (Corner Exploder Suplex), Three Minds Clotheslines


FINISHERS(S): The Black Phoenix (also performed from the 2nd turnbuckle)


NOTABLE FUEDS: H2O, AWOL (Cort Marshall/Shephard), Uncrowned, The Inception, Rust Cohle


ACCOLADES: 1x OCW World Heavyweight Champion, 1x CCW World Heavyweight Champion, 2x OCW Riot Tag Team Champion, 1x CCW Turmoil Tag Team Champion, 1x OCW Undisputed Tag Team Champion (With Rust Cohle - CQC)


1x CCW World Heavyweight Champio




Born November 20th, 1985.


Quartz grew up in suburban Phildelphia as a massive wrestling fan. His father, a professional wrestler himself, trained and inspired him until the age of 18. His father was known as The Black Phoenix and performed to marginal crowds for various promotions in the Philadelphia area, as a fan favorite. He dawned a blue and black mask and finished his opponents with a variant Death Valley Driver. Quartz mother became ill and passed away when he was only 13 years old. Quartz' began wrestling for the small promotion 'Philadelphia Grand Wrestling' at the age of 15 continued with the promotion through high school until the age of 18.


Little is known to date in OCW as to the events transpiring between Quartz final PGW match in early 2001 and his re-emergence in OCW in 2018, although it is known that he participated in part-time competitions with independent wrestling organizations, he did not resurface as a full time competitor until Early 2018 in the monster wrestling federation - OCW. Quartz debuted on RIOT 495 under the name Ijitu Quartz.


Since joining OCW, Quartz has amassed victories against OCW veterans Jookie Marley, H2O, and Cort Marshall. After a brief stint feuding with Rust Cohle, the two teamed up to become The Cohle Quartz Coalition (Known as C.Q.C.) and won the OCW Riot Tag Team championships at Summercide 2018.


At Anniversary XIV, Ijitu Quartz took control and attacked P3, joining Kassidy Hayes and Spider Matsumodo in TTT. The group would reign terror on RIOT until The Clash, when cracks began to form. Eventually, Kassidy Hayes would retire due to a neck injury and CQC's feud with inception would end with a title loss at Certified Greatness 2019.


As of April 25th, 2019, following an attempted singles run, Quartz lost a tournament match against Benjamin Moore and disappeared from OCW. However, just weeks later, he reemerged as Inness Quartz to save his tag team partner against Inception at Road 2 Glory 2019. CQC would regain the OCW Tag Team Championships and unify the titles with the CCW Turmoil Tag Team Championships at Wrestlution 13 against Scumciety (Mistico & Jay Fury).


After months of dominance as the first ever OCW Undisputed Tag Team Champions, defeating Kasstianity, Lucha Country, the Mega Bucks, and the Uncrowned (among others), C.Q.C. clashed in a #1 contenders match for the CCW World Championship. Quartz would go on to win that match and then his first ever world title at the Clash 2020 against Kassidy Hayes and Wrex. C.Q.C. would end their tag team championship reign around this time, forfeiting the titles after nobody could defeat them.


After losing the title back to Kassidy Hayes, Quartz took place in the main event of Wrestlution 14 inside the Elimination Chamber, in a losing effort. After taking months off, he once again reemerged under his blue alter ego, Ijitu Quartz. Quartz immediately attacked 2018 rookie classmate Justin Jehst, finishing him at Summercide 2020.

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