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Wrestler Bio: Damian Bourne

Damian Bourne

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WRESTLER NAME: Damian Bourne

HOMETOWN: Detroit, Michigan, USA



THEME SONG: Royal Blood - Out Of The Black



Pumphandle Half-Nelson Driver (Malibu Driver)

Bicycle Knee Strike (No Handlebars)


UNOFFICIAL SIGNATURE - Shooting Star (Air Bourne)

UNOFFICIAL SIGNATURE - Senton Bomb (Shellshock)



Rainmaker DDT (Bourne Ultimatum)

GTS’18 (The Silencer)


UNOFFICIAL FINISHER - Apron DDT (Bourne Supremacy)


NOTABLE FUEDS: Bournistico vs The Last Blacksmith


ACCOLADES: x1 Turmoil Tag Team Champion


Biography: Damian Bourne’s real father, a three-time MMA champion, was a bum. He got Bourne’s mother pregnant and left due to the fact that she was a groupie & he thought she was attempting to milk him for his “hard earned” money. Damian’s mother was also diagnosed with schizophrenia two years after he was born & because of this he was raised by his grandmother until he turned sixteen. That was when his grandmother was diagnosed with stage four cancer. While on her deathbed, she told Bourne the truth. She told him who his father was. It was at that moment that Damian decided he was going to train until he was strong enough to face his father. Sadly, that day would never come. His father died of a heart attack three years later. Having wasted three years of his life, Bourne began bareknuckle boxing in the streets. He didn’t do it for money, he did it so he could feel something. Pain was the only thing he felt because it’s the only thing he’s ever known. He went undefeated for over two years but eventually his streak came to an end after associates of an opponent he was going against drugged his drink so he wouldn’t perform his best.

On the verge of giving up on everything, he heard an ad for a local wrestling promotion, known as MCW (Murder City Wrestling) on his TV. Seeing as how he wrestled before his grandmother died, he decided to go see what it was about. It was there that Bourne began training to wrestle. It was there that he learned how much he loved to be a villain. Damian loved to be hated & hated to be loved. He was “Detroit’s Villain”. After reigning as world champion for 567 days & becoming bored of the lackluster talent in MCW, he relinquished his title & purchased a plane ticket to New York to pursue green pastures. In the Big Apple he found his future... OCW

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