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Wrestler Bio: Lotus FloJo

Lotus FloJo

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Wrestler name: Lotus FloJo

DOB: 5/24/1994

Theme: Whims of Fate

Height: 5’4

Weight: 119 Ibs


Hometown: Durham, NC



Finisher(s): Dirty Dancing/ Risky business Elbow


NOTABLE FEUDS: against a compass


ACCOLADES: I beat Dragana in a DM




Was a member of the air-force stationed in Japan; while also studying at Duke University to obtain her BA in Biology, she later realized the world around her was changing for the worse. People were too obsessed with their identity. When she return to Japan, her friends on the base invited her to accompany them to an all-women's Japanese wrestling show. That’s where she decided that this was the best way to channel her frustrations. She started training briefly in some DoJo were they taught Strong-Style and other techniques.


Though she never showed it, she was always a big fan of Japanese culture. Spent a lot of time in Tokyo and other parts of the country learning. She joined OCW to see where she belongs and fight the best of the best.


Fighting spiritsu

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