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Turmoil 229

Nate Ortiz

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Some things I liked:


- Rookies putting in the work. I see you.


- Belle/FloJo being another women's tag team? Hmm....Ashley/Empress doing evil tings at Walmart. Calling Empress "Hong Kong Phooey" is probably suspect.


- Bray's face turn against Archer working toward Lution. Depending on where he goes with this, I think he can very easily make it work.


- CQC/Scumciety working toward title unification???? Certainly spices things up for the tag division for the short term, but I don't know what it'll mean for the long term. Each platform has very few tag teams as is; sticking to just one? idk b.


- Benji Moore cutting a pretty decent promo, giving himself loss protection after R2G. I always enjoy the speaking tings he does, sets him apart from the others. However, I think he flubbed his last line as Archer/Bray didn't have a match against each other.


- Jehst/Cort doing some good character work, with Cort perhaps teasing something with the last couple of lines there. Jehst/Capo has a lot of great written work going into it, I love Capo's sleaziness. I hope these dudes beat the fuck out of each other at the PPV.


Maybe I'll talk about the matches when we hit page two. But for now I'll say it was an all right show with some building blocks to Lution, but it was also very bare bones.

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