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Happily Ever After


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The scene opens inside a Foot Locker shop, in Garment District, New York. Valkyrie is sneaker shopping along with her Lollipop Chanisaw partner, Lotus FloJo.


Valkyrie is looking at her reflection in the mirror, pondering whether she should buy the Air Max 720 Neon or the Air Max 720 Sunset.


Valkyrie: So, how do I look?


Lotus FloJo: You are looking kinda fresh, b.


FloJo gives Valkyrie a thumbs up.


Valkyrie: Mmmph. I guess I'll just buy both. Mr. Sensation is paying for this, who the hell cares about the price tag?


Flojo keeps waiting patiently as Valkyrie is trying a new pair of shoes now. Meanwhile a group of fans have gathered outside the shop. They are screaming for them and asking for their autographs, while the staff is trying their best to keep them at bay.


Lotus FloJo: Well, I've spent my Lution paycheck in Anime figures, rare and classic Video games for my PlayStation 2 kinda cheap actually, I bought a house in a quiet neighbourhood, imported some stuff from Japan and put the rest into savings. Oh and I bought a car; a New Toyota Supra.


Valkyrie: Wowsers.


Lotus FloJo: Right? That’s some cool stuff.


As Valkyrie is putting the sneakers back in their box, her eyes linger on the OCW Women's Championship belt, that she left on a chair nearby.


Lotus FloJo: What’s wrong?


Valkyrie: Belle. I've heard she got injured during the Ladder Match on Wrestlution. She won't be around for a while. And that means, it's now just the two of us.


Lotus FloJo: Heh. Not a huge deal. I guess...Things happen in those matches. Not everyone can handle taking such bumps.


Valkyrie: And there’s another thing. The entire locker room wanted me dead before Wrestlution. Now that I've become Champion, they will vie with one another to see who gets to murder me first.


Valkyrie: Empress has Our Hero backing her up and she swore she will take the title from me. Her best friend, Ashley Moore, is the Future Investment holder and can cash it in on me at any time to become the next champion. She tried to do that last Sunday but somehow I've managed to fend her off.


Valkyrie: And now Heather Angelo is back and wants redemption for what I've done to Kasstianity. Blaine is lurking somewhere too, don't think for a second that she will just go quietly in the night.


Valkyrie takes a deep breath and sits down. She holds the world title in her hands, staring at her reflection on the silver plates


Lotus FloJo: You fought hard for this. This is quite possibly the first time I've seen you smiling since… well, since forever. I don’t hang out with you that often either. Besides, You will find a way like you've always done.


Valkyrie: You know damn well what I've been put through this season. And that is nothing compared to what's going to happen to me in the next few months. I need to know that you will be there for me… I need to know that Lollipop Chainsaw wasn't just a name on a t-shirt.


Valkyrie: I need to be sure that you will be here for me when things get messy. I need a friend.


The two stare at each other for a bit. FloJo takes a deep breath.


Lotus FloJo: I got your back, Valk. Even though I get my butt kicked. You can count on me. Always.


Valkyrie: Alright.


Valkyrie: Hey, there’s a food truck over there. Want anything?


Lotus FloJo: Sure. I’ll have what you’re having.


Valkyrie heads to the food truck to order food while FloJo sits and waits on the bench.


Lotus FloJo: I just wished you knew what I was going through internally.


Valkyrie: I know I haven’t been the best of friends but I’ll make up for it. Or at least, I’ll try. It’s going to be a hot summer, that’s for sure.


The two smiles as the camera fades

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Code Jackman scrolls through OCW twitter account watching the latest video of Valk and Flojo looking at sneakers.


Jackman: Oh man, Belle is going to be out for a while.


Jackman keeps watching as he looks up to the sealing at his parents’ home in St. Louis, Missouri as if he came up with an idea.


Jackman: I wonder if they will be auditioning for another part in their Lollipop Chainsaw group.


Jackman then likes and retweets the video and continues to keep scrolling.

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