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Wrestler Bio: Kassidy Hayes

Kassidy Hayes

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NOTABLE FEUDS: B17, Jackson Montgomery, Xander Rane, Tre Golden, Tiberius Dupree, Ryu Matsumoto, Mugen, H20, KD, Bobby Minio, Sean McGee, Sensational Spider, Pugh

Biography:Born in a small town in Romania which was ravaged by a, at the time, unknown disease which took over the hosts body and mutated it, Kassidy was taken in by the Ancients' Sun Hunters. Kassidy then learned what killed his family and destroyed his home, Strigoi. Vampires were real and so was every other creature that humans forgot about and turned to myths.


Kassidy was trained under Vaun and Quinlan; A hunter for the Old World and A hunter for the New World. Kassidy became the first Human Sun Hunter, only given the gift of Vampire abilities but not turned so he can hunt with sun light. Kassidy took out the rouge 7th Ancient and serves as the head of the Day walking Sun Hunters.


With the major threat eliminated, Kassidy turned his attention to his childhood dream of becoming a professional wrestler.


Kassidy announced his signing with OCW with a rather brash press conference which he quickly regretted at the very start of his transition from competing in the indies to competing in OCW. In his debut, Kassidy would go on to eat his words from press conference losing to his first rival, B17 in a one on one contest in which he believed he was in full control of. Taking the next show off to clear his head, he prepared for his first Pay-Per-View match against Sean Strider, a match he would go on to dominate.


From here Turmoil show runners announced a tournament to crown the first Turmoil Champion of the this new iteration of Turmoil. Kassidy was set to take on B17 to advance to the finals taking place at The Clash pay-per-view, before the match took place there was a ambush backstage in the locker room leaving B17, Jackson, and Kassidy laying. When the main event came, Kassidy made a full recovery not being to damage but B17 on the other-hand did not; Kassidy would prey on B17's weakness and come out the victor in this second and meaningful match.


Shortly after cementing himself as a top contender on Turmoil, Kassidy was one the first superstar in OCW to start appearing on Riot as well as Turmoil. Starting fights and creating alliances on the opposite show, showing more of his personality. Fans didn't know how to react to Kassidy as on his actions on turmoil was that of a arrogant coward but on Riot he was more of a uneasy helping hand to the likes of AC Cobra against the group known as Ragnarok. After "taming" the wolves of Ragnarok, Kassidy went on to show his true colors, betraying AC Cobra and in his mind becoming the leader of Ragnarok.


The Clash came and Kassidy was ready to become the first Champion of Turmoil; eager, excited, anxious, and arrogant, he donned a attire held only for occasions such as this. The lights went out and Kassidy walked out onto the stage like a beacon of light in white and after fighting Jackson Montgomery in a battle of pure heart and will power Kassidy came out The first Turmoil Champion and celebrated also being the first of Ragnarok to hold gold.


In what Kassidy believed was going to be a long and smooth reign as Champion turned into a bumpy potholed road to his first defense. Kassidy came out on Turmoil 109 to open the show and address OCW as the first Champion of Turmoil but this is when the waters became rough; first a slimy piece of Shit named Jimmy Henry would interrupt Kassidy and before Kassidy could address him, the square and clean face of Turmoil: B17 would interrupt calling out the flaws in their second meeting but before Kassidy could address B17, Dumb redneck Jackson Montgomery came out. With pointed words the loser claimed he was still the rightful number one contender and claimed Kassidy’s recent action on Riot belittled Turmoil’s Championship.





more to come from after joining ocw

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