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"The Superstar" Maxx Edwards

Maxx Edwards

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WEIGHT: 215 lbs.

THEME SONG: Blue Stahli - Fall



Showtime Superkick (Superkick 16)

The Trilogy (Triple Rolling Butterfly Suplex)



The Action Shot (Bicycle Knee Strike)



Born to a lower middle class family in Dallas, Maxx was destined to be a star from a young age. Performing songs and dances for relatives, Maxx loved to be the center of attention. This led him to take on drama club during school and participating in many plays. Through this, Maxx found out his love of acting and wanted to become an actor.


After graduating High School, Maxx moved to Los Angeles on the hopes of becoming an actor. He debuted on the big screen in many smaller roles in lesser known movies. This changed when he took on a lead role in a film that would soon sweep the Academy Awards in the Big Five(Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress). This would grant Maxx his first of what would soon be 3 Oscars among many other awards.


After not being nominated for any category in the most recent Oscars, Maxx began to lose his passion for acting. This was his first time not being nominated for any category since the year before he won his first Oscar. Maxx, dissatisfied with his acting, began to pursue other interests.


Desperate for direction and looking for motivation, Maxx started to gain interest in wrestling. After showing up at several independent wrestling venues, both, Maxx’s Fans and wrestling fans started to take notice. After training with former wrestling legends, Maxx signed a contract with OCW and is looking to dominate the wrestling world like he did the Box Office.

"The Superstar" Maxx EdwardsKass_event_badge_2020.png

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