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Archer Academy Challenge 3: Joshua Tucker vs TJ Stevens

Hooligan King

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The show opens panning across the OCW Live crowd. The crowd starts to cheer as Devil by Late Night Savior starts to play and Joshua Tucker makes his way to the ring. After a moment of playing to the crowd, you’re gonna go far kid by The Offspring starts to play and out comes TJ Stevens making his way to the ring. He also plays to the crowd before the referee urges both men to go to their corners.


The referee signals for the bell and the two men lock up in the middle of the ring. TJ gets the advantage and puts Tucker in a side headlock, but Tucker powers out sending TJ into the ropes. When TJ comes back Tucker leaps over him causing him to run into the ropes on the opposite side, Tucker spins around just in time to get hit with a dropkick from TJ knocking him down to the mat.


Tucker stands back up and nods his head then the two lock up again. This time Tucker taking advantage putting TJ in the headlock, but TJ powers out with a back suplex.. TJ goes for a quick pin, but Tucker kicks out after only a one count. They both get back to their feet and exchange right hands for a moment in the middle of the ring.


TJ delivers a right and Tucker answers with alternating left and right forearm attacks followed up by a dropkick of his own. Tucker gets back to his feet and positions himself beside TJ and goes for a standing 450 splash, but at the last second TJ gets his knees up connecting with Tucker’s midsection. TJ gets up and stomps the midsection of Tucker three times before lifting him to his feet and delivering a swinging neck breaker.


TJ plays to the crowd as Tucker rolls around holding his neck and head. Once Tucker gets up he is met with a chop, right hand, left hand, chop combination from TJ who then goes for his signature beauty shot maneuver. Tucker manages to duck out of the way causing TJ to go crashing to the mat. TJ stands up holding his back and is met by the awaiting Tucker who kicks him in the midsection then hits a snap suplex.


Tucker walks over to TJ, gets him in a seated position then performs a reverse chinlock while driving his knee into the middle of TJ’s back. The referee asks TJ is he wants to tapout, in which case he mutters the word no, so Tucker cranks the chin and drives the knee harder.TJ finally manages to get to his feet and is now facing Tucker who has ahold of the back of TJ’s head still.


TJ then delivers a left and right hand to Tucker’s abdomen forcing him to lose his grip. Now face to face once again TJ delivers a right then a left hand to Tucker but he kicks TJ in the midsection and hits his signature 6990 and goes for a pin. After a two count TJ kicks out but before Tucker can follow up, new americana by The Fire and Fury starts playing throughout the OCW Live arena.


A moment passes before Tucker realizes that Archer is not coming down to the ring and when he turns around to focus on TJ he is hit with a previously missed beauty shot. Tucker goes down and TJ runs over to the corner calling for him to get back up. When he does TJ runs and hits him with his running blockbuster finisher and covers him 1-2-3 for the win. TJ celebrates his victory from each corner as Tucker rolls out of the ring and makes his way slowly to the back.

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