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Savage Saturday Exclusive Look


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The Harbinger of Death Heather Angelo is seen standing by with Stacy Clark somewhere in the back of the arena.


Stacy: Heather, you square off with Valkyrie’s friend Lotus Flojo in just a few moments.


Stacy: What everyone wants to know is that is the demon Furiosa going to come out tonight?


Heather: Haven’t you been watching, Stacy!


Heather: Over several weeks I’ve been learning the art of meditation to rid this curse that has been ruining my career.


Heather: Now that I have learned it I have better control over her. Unfortunately, she isn’t completely gone. I have not yet mastered the art of meditation.


Heather: So to answer your question...I’m confident she won’t be joining us tonight.


Stacy: With all due respect your attire screams Furiosa.


Stacy ducks her head as Heather steps in closer to her.


Heather: Pequeña puta! I haven’t mastered it yet I said!


Stacy: I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry Heather.


Heather: ...Flojo will be too after I’m done with her.


Heather leaves and heads in through one of rear doors of the arena. Stacy is left trying to rub the goosebumps off her arms.

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