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Inside the Mind of Quartz - "People Wanna Know"


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Walking out of a store in southern Philadelphia, a large man with a long beard flips his sunglasses onto his forehead on a cloudy northeastern evening. As he turns, we catch a glimpse of a familiar scarlet red iris on the right eye.


The massive brooding Quartz is noticeable amongst a crowd of civilians. He carries out one single bag as a shaky camera quickly approaches.


Paparazzi: Quartz!


Paparazzi: Inness Quartz!


The gang of camera wielding newsmen and women ambush the OCW Undisputed Tag Team Champion. He shows his clear displeasure with this and attempts to continue to his car.


Paparazzi: Quartz! How will you respond to Doc Green and Antonio Everrett?


Paparazzi: Are you going to accept their challenge?


As more attention is drawn to Quartz, he looks around and flips his sunglasses back down to his face, concealing his eyes. His pace quickens and he shaskes his head, more and more people paying attention.


Paparazzi: Some say this is the end of C.Q.C.. Is that true?


Quartz shuffles through the small crowd and tries to enter his car.


Paparazzi: Quartz, the people wanna know!




--June 11th, 2002, 8:57pm--


An angry Ijitu Quartz storms out of the gym he was training in. He walks through the rain with a determined smile on his face before ducking under a kiosk and removing his hood. He ruffles his long hair and shakes his head.


A single drenched journalist continues chasing the young man.


Journalist: Isaiah!


Quartz snaps his head over, almost not believing someone would utter that name given what just took place.


Journalist: Mr. Quartz...


The journalist and his team try to catch their breath. They seem to be the only few who followed Quartz after his violent outburst.


Quartz stands perplexed, not volunteering a response.


Journalist: I know this is hard for you, but please understand how the people are viewing this. Everyone is behind you. Everyone wants to see you succeed. Everyone...


Quartz: Everyone?


Journalist: Everyone! The people! The fans that have cheered for you for years since your debut. They want to know what this means for your PGW plans!


Quartz stands totally still, unsure of his mood between confused and coherent.


Journalist: Mr. Quartz, the people wanna know...




--October 12th, 2008, 6:19pm--


A much more defined Quartz stands against the back wall, his long hair tied back, reverted back to it's natural brown color. A small streak of red can be seen on the right side of his head.


As he turns, a large sign reading "Denver City Amateur Wrestling Championship" is seen above him.


Quartz continues to hide himself, while trying to watch. A roar grows in the background, revealed to be hundreds of fans in attendance, watching an amateur wrestling show.


A long haired kid smirks at his coach and takes a long drink of his water before his match. The radio announcers slowly fade in.


Announcer 1: ... he is, the favorite in tonight's amateur wrestling contest. Har--


Announcer 2: He may be the favorite, but Jackson Ullman is no slouch! That Norwegian blood is going to cause a lot of headaches for the hometown hero.


Announcer 1: Well, you certainly have a point there. Wow! Listen to these people!


Announcer 2: The people want to see who the top amateur wrestler is in the state of Colorado! They are at a fever pitch right now!


Announce 1: The people are ready! The people wanna know!




--April 28th, 2019, 4:56pm--


Intell Quartz: ...and to think, you would run away like a coward.


Ijitu Quartz sits silent inside the mind of Quartz. The entire surrounding area is black, per the usual inside the mind.


Intell Quartz stands in his black overcoat and reading glasses, further lecturing Ijitu, who has lost his will.


Intell: I stepped forward to save you last time you did this.


Intell: Last time you attempted to destroy us by quitting.


Intell leans down towards Ijitu, who still has a completely blank look on his face.


Intell: You cannot destroy this body alone. You have incredible strength, but I will never allow you to do that...


Intell peers down at the depressed Ijitu before turning around.


Intell: ...but you already know that.


Coming in from behind Intell is Inness Quartz, seething and sweating, nearing a panic.


Intell: Rustin is prepared to walk into Washington tonight and fight two behemoths alone. Because he is no coward. Not like you Ijitu.


Intell: Unfortunately, I care not about the man.


Intell turns his gaze towards Inness.


Intell: Fortunately for Rustin, there appears to be a being who cares for him greatly.


A beam of white light shines in. It covers half of Ijitu's face, who does not budge. His lip slightly quivering, he closes his eyes.


Intell: Well now. It seems we have a rare concession of power within the Mind. So what will you do, Inness? After your last slip up? After Anniversary? After you lost your place?


Inness steps forward, slowly morphing into the current state of Quartz as of April 28th. The light starts to engulf his face.


Intell: ...I'm interested to see what you do. Ijitu wants to know. Rustin needs to know. The people want to know...




--October 12th, 2019, 4:15pm--


Inness snaps back into present day consciousness, sitting in his car outside the store. There is a small tape recorder in his face.


Paparazzi: Quartz, the people wanna know!


Quartz closes his eyes and slams the car door shut. The view fades as his car begins to start up.

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