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As Jim Black is preparing for an aftershow backstage interview, he is cut out by a familiar face.


Jim: A little more light over there please.. Does this mic work ? Mic check. One two. One two. Okay we are ready in 3..2..1.. GO.


Jim: What a show tonight at MSG once again..


??: Hum hum.


The camera turn slightly to Jim's right to reveal the returning Satohiko Hitta, better known as Aisu.


Jim: Huh well.. Hum Aisu, great to see you again, it's been a long time.. The last we saw you was against Tre Golden where you failed to capture...


Aisu interrupts him.


Aisu: I didn't fail. I was evaluating my surrounding, got caught up on a bad night when I should have easily won. But that's not the point.


Aisu: I'm back.


Aisu: And first off, I want to measure up to the best the Light Heavyweight this division can have. And it appears that after last Saturday, that man is little T.Y Sparks.


Aisu: Don't get me wrong, he is quite an impressive young talent. But he is exactly what is wrong in that division. No wrestling, just flippy s***. LHW is now synonymous with SPRINGBOARDS, Top Rope Moves and Spectacle. The hell.

I am going to take that division with me, and put it back on the right track.


Aisu: I don't want his stupid title, I don't need that, I just want Sparks. One on one.


Hitta leaves the scene with Jim Black telling the cameraman to cut.

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