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Blacksmith's interviewed after Summercide match

The Last Blacksmith

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Blacksmith interviewed after Summercide match


Interviewer: Blacksmith, in addition to having finally managed to defeat your nemesis in the hell in a cell, you have also won the opportunity to challenge the international champion to S2R. Do you feel ready for the commitment?


Blacksmith's face darkens

Blacksmith: Do you really think my thoughts can go to a shitty belt, right now?


Anger grows in Blacksmith


The interviewer starts shaking...


Interviewer: Pr..Probably you are refering to what happened at the end of the match. Kassidy Hayes intervened in your defense against Caine and Tucker. What do you think is the reason?


Blacksmith: I don't know. But you can bet on something. I will find out really soon...



Blacksmith quits the interview and heads for the locker room...

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