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The IceMan Nate Mac bio

Nate Mac

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The IceMan Nate Mac

Hailing from Kansas City, MO, he started training in the famous Handsome Charlie Race Wrestling school in Eldon, MO at age 9, starting of as a towel and water boy for the signed students and trainers, until a special guest, The Macho Man Danny Savage took a special interest in the youngster and took him in as a special project. Nate Mac is a heavily decorated Multi Champion around the world.


His Nickname comes from various sources. But the most reliable source comes from trainers because of his natural killer instinct, it’s been said, ice runs through his veins instead of blood due to the lack of compassion and intent to maim his opponent, his ruthless intensity can be seen with just a single look and is a master at head games. Nate Mac has come to OCW to “answer the call of a friend” which Mac has defined as a blood bond, which cannot be broken.


Mac made a name for himself early with a combination of high flying and hard core wrestling, but over the years he has changed his style to a more ground based style, due to injuries in the past. Mac sometimes still heads to the top, to drop an elbow to pay homage to his mentor and friend. Wrestling around the world and collected titles in both singles and tag championships. He is the Vice President of the Wolves of the Vanguard, sworn to protect the purity of this profession.


The Iceman Nate Mac has been banned to utilize his most devastating move in his arsenal, The Ice Cold Execution or “ICE”. During a no holds barred match, Nate Mac Used the ICE against his opponent off the top of a production semi truck. The move not only ended his opponent’s career, he is completely paralyzed from the neck down. Afterwards The Iceman responded to the Wrestling Commission “Did he die? No? I’ll try harder next time.” OCW has signed The Iceman Nate Mac they sided with the Wrestling Commission and the ICE In any shape or form is to remain banned. Iceman tried using the name with other moves, but it just never fit, and has brought back the Powerful and brutal Kulklinski Driver, named after the mafia serial killer who shares the same nickname.


Notable Feuds: Shepard, The Last Blacksmith, Cort, Rust, Mantis and who the hell ever the Iceman Nate Fuggin Mac wants.


Achievements: Spelling Bee Champion (4th Grade), Voted Most Likely to End up in Prison (High School Year Book), Best White Guy Afro 2019-2021, Darkam’s Most Improved Lunatic 2019, Loose Cannon Champion 2018, Best Macho Man Danny Savage Imitation (2000-Current), Discord’s Weirdest Dude in the Chat Room (2018-Current) MOTN nods x 5

The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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