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Quick Change! S2R


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So essentially it was decided that S2R will be cancelled this year. To keep it brief given that this is an off week and we take a week off for COMMS production ETC, that only gave you animals roughly 2 shows to build. And very little time to build assets and create shit. By moving the date up slightly you get additional time to build your finale angles, Jake and I get a buffer of time to do comms, and I get an additional week to attempt to up the ante (who knows if I will but either way I need the mental health week)


So the TLDR


  • S2R 2020 is cancelled
  • End Games is New Best Friend
  • EG is 10.10.20
  • THE EG Card is 90% finalized you will be made aware of your matches. So you will have a load of time to fight no last minute bullshit because you are wack.
  • The Arena is 25% complete (im guessing i dont know shutup)
  • Since the Deadline is earlier (DO NOT SPOIL ANYTHING YOU WILL BE EXECUTE)
  • Haven't decided if doing go home show during the week of 10.5.20 (doubtful)

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