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Season 16 - Patch FUGU.16 Notes!


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We Season 16 looking on the horizon we have decided to "Shake Things Up" partially because we are using a 3 Year old Platform and partially because the community has asked for it and partially because why the FUG NOT!


In an effort to give more diversity to player builds we have made the following changes:


OVR Changes

Player OVR has been Reduced from 85 to (81)!

The drop in OVR allows every point allotment to matter more. In essence making you think on where to add points.



Player Class Changes



Weight Classes Have Been Rigorously tested and we have opted to forgo the simpler stat caps and opt for a more well thought out class based system. It is our hope that you will diversify your Caw's to suit your play-style and gimmick as opposed to pre-washed META stats.


Super Heavyweight - N/A

Must Be Approved By Staff

(In testing Supers could be configured to break the game, thankfully we haven't had that since 2010)



Heavyweight - Max OVR 81

All Speed, Aerial & Springboard Stats - Min 55, Max 75

All other states - Min 55, Max 85

(While not being as fast as CW or LHW, HW are slightly stronger and slightly more durable at the cost of speed)



Light Heavyweight - Max OVR 81

Head & Body Durability - Min 55, Max: 75

Leg/Arm Power & Grapple Off Stats - Min: 55, Max 75

All other stats - Min: 55, Max: 85

(The LHW has had its power and durability reduced to reflect that of a LHW competitor, now choices will have to be made as opposed to being a 230lb heavyweight)


Cruiserweight - Max OVR 81

All Speed, Aerial & Springboard Stats - Min 55, Max 90

Head & Body Durability stats - Min 55, Max 65

Leg/Arm Power & Grapple Off Stats - Min 55, Max 65

All other stats - Min 55, Max 85

(While decreasing, durability and damaged we have updated the class to allow more options for speed in order to become that mad king of hit and run)



The reason for these changes is due to the fact that for about 2 or so seasons, most builds have denigrated into a stale (meta) In addition under the previous rule-set LHW and to some extent Cruisers where as strong as Heavy Weights from a power and durability standpoint. With these new setup diversity will play a key roll in REBUILDING your superstar and each weight class has distinct advantages and disadvantages.


Cruisers can be the kings and queens of rapid fire attacks and evasion.



LHW can be the bog standard any wrestler specializing in any discipline.



Heavyweights can be the tried and true big meaty man, or the submission magician or the brick fugen wall.


Champion Changes.


Resiliency is No Longer Available to Champions!

(We have opted not to give Champions a simple thoughtless button press get out of jail free card, instead we have opted to give champions more tools in there respective kits)


ALL CHAMPIONS now get Exclusive Access to Yellow Payback (+REV)(once Per match)

(We toyed with the idea of giving Champions a flat out +5 Reversals but in discussions having access to +Rev is the same thing and requires planning, tactics and thinking. In addition no longer saddled with (Resil) Champions can now opt to have another RED Payback of there choosing adding more tricks to the trade!)


Legends Changes


Resiliency Is Now LEGENDS ONLY!

I mean some of these people put in 12+ Years in OCW... FUG U, they old! They need all the help they can get... well except Nate.. but.. :(


Match Changes -


Legends Resil is Not To Be Used In Tag Matches


Sudden Death Match

( Coming in Season 16 we will be running a pilot program for (Sudden Death Matches) This is a working title. Sudden death matches can end on any pin combination. So stay on your toes. Obviously with such a risky en devour only certain superstars will be chosen for this pilot program, because lets face its 85% of y'all cannot have nice things.




That's all for now I'm eager to see what you guys think after trying these new changes out.





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