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From the Eyes of the Revolution Evolution #1


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So apparently I'm brining sexy back, dunno how but apparently I am.


So how long has it been? Ages since my last proper "article", the quote marks are the for a reason, a reason you'll discover if you read any of my "articles". For those new to this, it is my little bit of venting for everything and anything, so lets get down to it.


Take me down to paradise city

So Burnout Paradise was released last week, I took delivery of said destructive driving experience(not my words) last week, and i have to say me likeie! I was never a fan of the past Burnout titles but the free roam feature was a bit too much for me to resist, so i checked out the demo and i thought it worked quite well. SO lemme break it down for you. The game has 5 different mission types, accessible at nearly every set of traffic lights, these include: Marked man, where you must evade complete destruction from 2-3 other drivers from the lights to one of the 8 compass point destinations. Road Rage, where you need to reach a target number of takedowns of other drivers. Race, exactly what it says on the tin. Stunt Run, where you have to reach a target score by boosting, grabbing air, drifting and rolling. Plus finally Burning routes, there is a burning route for each of the 75 cars in the game, win the route you get an upgraded version of the car plus points on your licence. On the subject of the latter, licences are essentially levels, from learner all the way up to Burnout driving licenses, to upgrade a level you have to complete a set amount of missions each level needing more wins and the missions getting harder by uppin the intelligence of your adversaries and upping the amount of civilian traffic for you to crash into. There is more to this game but i wont talk any more about it, you must get this game if not anything for the online muliplayer which is outstanding.




So I decided to order the Rumble on sunday, gotta say it was a great PPV. Lets break it down:

Ric Flair def MVP

The whole "every singles match is a career threating match" thing is absolute gold, if not a bit predictable. There is no way that he will lose on TV or any PPV except for mania. So it was pretty much a given that he would beat MVP. The bigger question over this match was how good would it be, considering who was in it i had some high expectations, MVP has got WHC by mania 25 written all over him, but my past record on predicting world champs isnt that stellar so take my predictions for what you will. A great match, loved the false finish with flair with the leg on the ropes, another notch on naich's belt, too bad big Dave Batista is probably going to end his career at mania.

JBL def Chris Jericho via DQ

This feud was seriously under rated on Raw, these guys were pretty much given little air time monday nights, but what they did with it made this feud a real beauty. We all know this is probably going to lead to a gimmick mania match between these two, possibly seeing them eliminate each other from the chamber at No Way Out. As for the Rumble match, very scrappy, but the finish and post match antics sets up for the mania match and proves that Y2J is still one of the top guys on the brand and JBL as one of the top heels (#2 of 2 top heels on Raw, sheesh) on Raw.

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Edge def Rey Mesterio

Gotta love the MSG crowd booing rey rey, and i have to say i found myself hoping Edge would retain. Not saying i dont like rey rey but Smackdown need Edge at the top, rey rey as WHC was good one time, but not again. I like the angle with Vikkie but i just hope its not long term, keep the edgeheads in but get the bint out. As for the match, wasnt too hot on it apart from the ending, to be fair this feud wasnt given much time on SD, Edge was used alot more on ECW for the Chavo/Punk. So maybe expect CM Punk to possibly jump and challenge Edge for WHC at mania, letting umm....you know...uhh that face guy on ECW challenge Chavo....not CM Punk.....damm it i forgot Punk is the only top Face on ECW. HAH!

WWE Championship

Randy Orton def Jeff Hardy

Ok hands up who thought Hardy would go over and win......yah just as i thought, none of you. You can hate Orton all you want, and even thought Hardy(or Harvy as that new jackass reporter called him) was going into the PPV strong, it equals one thing, more spooning between Orton and Vinnie mac. The match had so many great spots from Harv...Hardy, the ending with the supprise RKO from the twist of fate was quite good, building the RKO as the kinda new age Sweet Chin, quick and deadly.

Royal Rumble Match

2008 Winner John Cena

Well I know that most old school OCWers will know I'm a massive Cena mark, and not ashamed of it. So you can imagine the puddle I created when #30 rolled around and the music hit. Although on the down side, the second it hit the rumble's outcome was sealed. No way would Vinnie mac have Cena make a shock return and then go and lose. Still with what happened the next night on Raw Mania isnt neciserillay confirmed as Cena main eventing, we could see a shock in Orton retaining and Hardy/HBK winning the chamber. All things considered we should prepare for a Cena/HHH mania ME.


All in all i enjoyed it but lets just see what goes down at No Way Out till we condemn mania.


Writers! We don't need no god dammed writers......not

So the writers strike rages on, now normal i wouldn't give to shites about this sort of thing going down in yankee land but when it affected two of my favorite shows of all time it hit my radar. The shows in question are Scrubs and Family Guy. Screw desperate slutwives and whatever other shite is being churned out. But I do see where the writers are coming from but still now the people of yankee doodle land are now being subjected to.....shudder....reality TV. The Studios need to pull their wallets out of their asses and give them the small amount that they're asking for.


Well I've gone on long enough, thank you for listening and remember these final thoughts:


Always remember the RPG rule, always go left


Always cut the red wire


Always look out for johnny the tackling althzimers patient




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Johnny the tackling alzhiemers patient? Sounds like someone saw the same episode of Scrubs that I did the other day. Which is cool because we're in different countries, and in different clothes. Blows my mind.


<<50 Gig on Scrubs Season one to 6

I've seen them all ^^



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There have been previous surprise RR entrants, big names, that have entered only to go on to lose. So that was a possibility. Also, comparing the RKO to sweet chin music isn't exactly accurate. The RKO has been built up like it's originator...the Diamond Cutter. Hitting it from any position is what makes it deadly. You can't hit chin music from any position. Although I love the chin music...not an accurate comparison.


I agree jericho/jbl is bigger than it's being booked.

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the RKO is the New Stone Cold Stunner/ Rock Bottom/ Diamond cutter... it`s the only move that doesn`t get stale as you see it week after week... I remember one RAW where he hit 4 of them in one night... it still ruled...


Jericho is finished... his buzz return is done.. because of his horrid mic skills on his return... he has nothing new... and the old doesn`t work with his new preppy look... it`s much easier to be a heel on the microphone... which is why I thought Lashley was gonna go heel and Jericho was gonna eventually turn heel... they suck with the mic in their hands.... exact reason why Stone COLd and the ROCK had huge heel runs... so they can work on the mic skills....

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Rock was good on the mic heel or face, same as Austin. Jericho is great on the mic aswel so I have no clue wtf are you talking about. Cena is progressively getting worse and worse on the mic week after week.

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