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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


"Booking Wrestling is the most thankless no-win position anyone could ever be in. When things go well it's the talent that makes it work. When they go badly, it's because the Booker doesn't know what he's doing." - Eric Bischoff


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Our Hero: uploadafraud.com

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Here there be spoilers








Okay, that's enough space.






Marisa's videos (they're connected, so I'll keep my review connected), I think there's a bit of a problem that's maybe rearing its head. I do like the idea of characters having little 'universes', NPCs that you can bring in and develop alongside their character, but that is, if you can handle it. Marisa's actually not doing too badly on this front, CAW designs aside (I have no dog in this fight, I'm shit at CAWs), there is a story of sorts there. I would be tempted to do less of the 'Marisa beats someone up', and work with real people as well as NPCs, we've got a strong women's division coming up, or she could see if anyone wanted to write with her, there are a lot of opportunities that she could really shine in. It'd be a shame if her character gets relegated to 'beats up NPCs', because she can write and make videos, I think it's just time to bring in some variation, that'd be really cool. I reckon there's potential there, just gotta keep it fresh, particularly if you're putting so much stuff forward and showing the ambition that she's showing.






Colin and The Wrestling Club. Tell you what, I love people getting in touch to write with me. I get that my long-arse, descriptive as hell promos is a style that not everyone wants to do, and I never criticise for that, because these guys, to me, feel like video makers who make some effective stuff. I've never put them down as pure writers, if you like. I'll tell you, these guys really brought it, Chris got right into the fun orbit that Colin seems to pull people into, and John plays the part of the aggressive, ultra-wrestling straight man well, but here it was nice to see him with his tongue in his cheek a bit. Really great working with you guys, great character work, and this is a segment I've wanted to do for ages, you read my mind by PMing me about it, keep up the good work.




Women's tag, I missed this live, so I didn't get the atmosphere, but there was some break-y stuff with the illegal man, I think, we could probably keep that out, but it wasn't enough to impact the match to a huge degree, and respect to the pros for rolling with it and putting on a solid showing.






Fraser and Colby RP. I love the written Irish accent, it goes between Connor McGregor and Maura from Love Island at light speed, it feels firmly tongue in cheek, and it's just a great little detail that makes me like the character straight away. I wanna see Fraser go full Rabbie Burns with his speech, the accent battle was fantastic, and I'm really interested in Colby's character. Good stuff.





Wesley vs Fraser. Shit, how's this little Lio Rush sized guy that strong? The guy plays well, some fair credit, and Fraser's as smooth as you can expect from a Parca alt. Solid stuff, good match, I wasn't too sure that the finish warranted a 'bro that was 2' post match thing, but that's a tiny thing. Cool first singles of the show.






Oh what, is The Mantis English? These two are good writers, great to see more of this stuff, it's a really simple concept you can come up with in a few seconds elaborated well, it's all it needs to be, I hope I get to see where this story goes.





Morgan and Joanna. This, for me, was a great example of how you do risque or 'edgy', or whatever you wanna call it in a wrestling context. You can interpret Morgan's outburst however you like, nothing's outright said, but the emotions are clear. Joanna's actions comes with just enough flowery writing to sell her as this potential cult recruiter. Nice style, nice idea, looking forward to seeing where it goes.





The Wrestling Club vs Millionaire Bois. Some good tag-team stuff, I like how committed The Wrestling Club are to their chain wrestling, and these guys are looking smoother all the time. Ty was a well chosen replacement, he and Jerome put on a really good show, loved watching them, will definitely pay more attention to the Millionaire guys.





Cort's lawyer dealings, this was brave, by nature, stock market dealings are boring as all hell, but I enjoyed this, Cort's get a good personality, Archer's great as a sort of looming villain, and this storyline could easily go somewhere great, well made.






Tyler vs Colby, now this was a bit of a battle, wasn't it. Really clean competition, feels like it could've gone either way, and I loved that reversal into punch finish, it looked brutal, and I can completely believe that Colby can just deck someone into a three count like that, great move. Some great sequences, exciting throughout, really enjoyed it.






Man, this promo. Parca with the whiteboard, singing, Mickey Mouse turning up, Archer selling orphans, and there's a Lucha Mobile? This is exactly the sort of mad shit I'm into, however, minutes fifty points for doing a musical episode without OCW's resident classical singer, you guys are going to jail.


Good promo.





Everybody Hates Colby, yeah, I like it. This guy coming back and knocking out some heels will be great when it happens, and it's great to see people committed to giving him something to get revenge for later, I'm looking forward to seeing Colby's OCW rise, should be really satisfying.






Colin and Code, really had fun in this match. Not gonna lie, being my first PPV appearance, I was a bit nervous and there may have been a bit of slop in that match, but I'm really glad it was received well in the live chat. Love the reaction the scoop slam gets, Code was brilliant to work with and hugely supportive, and I'm looking forward to doing more here, as always.






More corporate stuff, I'm enjoying this Archer supervillain thing, I'm excited to see it branch out over the shows and suck other people into his schemes. A really nice promo to end on before the main event actually, slow paced, intriguing, and clearly building to something, ace.




Jehst vs Iceman. The Rookies vs Pro thing this show had going on really added to the atmosphere watching this live, this match was good. Some really good back and forth, was pretty hard for me to call in the moment, and the surprise sunset flip rollup ending added a great bit of variety to the show. The aftermath was great, I'm really glad that the show didn't go overboard on post match stuff on the whole, because it made this special. Closed out the show in a really nice way, enjoyed it.

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Will keep this quick, because some people actually appreciate a minute-man.


She's only been here a hot-mess of a minute, but I know who Marisa Welch is and I think I may be ready for all that jelly. [wonders if Welches still makes jelly... or if it's actually called Welches]


Just through the endless self-promotion, she's become recognizable --not that she didn't already stand out in the OCW crowd-- and she doesn't allow you to forget either.


Her new partner in crime: Bambi, also has a... uh... unique appearance, but for me, it's somewhat disturbing... like her bones didn't form correctly. We'll see what role she ends up playing in Marisa's success or failure.


I dig the look of Morgan Blackheart. The little bits of color in the hair and her face is unique enough to stand out --at the right angles she has crazy eyes. It's like someone mixed Valk, Ashley, and Blaine together. I do worry that people tend to default into the monochromatic attire colors --similar to how, at one point, 90% of the male roster was Red/Black-- but definitely a solid base to start from.


And then there's Holly Hunter... the Demon Clown of OCW? Not sure what to make of this one. I appreciate that her attire matches Blaine's to a degree, but it needs more refinement... more character. As mentioned above: it tithers on being just another monochrome costume, but I like the way it looks on her. I'd keep pushing the "clown" theme a little more... just have to find that balance.


Having mentioned the Red/Black era... here comes Franklin Wesley. A decent looking CAW, but other than the red glove, nothing really differentiates him from the crowd of smaller, lighter, tattoo-covered, young bucks.


All the pieces tossed in just remind me of someone in OCW already: the bandana reminds me of Jay Fury; the towel/rag reminds me of Elliot Parker; the music reminds me of DOC; the hair reminds me of Baby Sparks (doo-doo duh doo doo-doo).


A reoccurring piece of advice given by me, and various others, is to look at the current roster and fill a void, as opposed to just making another version of what is already there... even if you think it's the superior version. You might get lucky and become the one version that sticks out... but usually, you just blend into the crowd.


I'm old, so James Fraser is more my type of CAW: Not many people rock a singlet; so that already helps to set him apart. The McDonald colors (not a jab at the color choices btw) also singles out his singlet.


I'm assuming he's in league with Colby McCallum as they both have the True Alpha gear, but I think Fraser has a more distinct look --Colby kinda reminds me of the Hattons, as far as his look goes. Coming in as a group can help build a character; especially since the tag division is getting larger by the week.


I also appreciate the no-nonsense entrance and music, which lacks any lyrics and consists of a simple but familiar riff. He comes off as a straight-to-bidness type... a foreign Cort Marshall, akin to the likes of Fit Finley, Owen Hart, or Dean Malenko. He even follows the trend of simple-first-name followed by a memorable last name --which is probably how most will refer to him.


The backstage beatdown of a staff member went a bit long in my opinion, especially since the target was not a roster member. I did, however, enjoy the sound effect that accompanied each chair shot in the 2nd act.


I dig The Wrestling Club. Face-wise, they remind me of... certain roster members, but their coordinated costumes, and their in-ring performances are quite nice.


I'm not a big fan of their individual names (we already have a Green and isn't John Carter from Mars?) but if they are successful as a tag team, I will eventually learn to deal, as they say. I get a Motor City Machine Guns vibe from this pair and I don't hate that... quite the opposite.


Next, we have a match that one might mistake as Chase Hatton vs DOC, but in actuality, we have Tyler Walker vs Colby McCallum. Once again; decent attires, but similar to existing roster members. Colby has the benefit of matching his fellow True Alpha: James Fraser... at least when it comes to gear and body hair.


Speaking of body hair --I'm assuming they aren't using in-game body hair, as the reflective level of their skin makes the body hair seem a bit drawn on. Just a minor observation, though.


I enjoy some of the details in Colin Locke's entrance: the sound effects; the lock and chain imagery; the song that pops and gets the crowd going. The street fight attire DOES make him stand out, but I'm not sure if it's in a good way lol. Maybe if he didn't have the white shirt? I dunno... could end up being a signature look, but I'm typically not a fan of the ECW, jeans w/T-shirt attire.


I mentioned the rarity of singlets earlier, so of course, Code Jackman decides it's his thing now. I'm just glad he didn't wrestle in his Best Buy Manager / 1990's Inner City School Principle entrance attire lol. I actually liked his new gear --if anything, it covers up some of the unsightly body hair. I also think it works with his appearance... especially the lack of knee pads.


Now, for the man who inspired this mini-review: Nate "The Ice Man" Mac. I was happy to see the switch from Grimm to this particular character and secretly enjoyed the Macho-Man'isms. I'm a fan of the CAW --the entrance and attire are very professional and clean. The color choices, the patterns, and textures... they all lend themselves to the character and the gimmick. Very well thought out.


The Grimm character was also fairly clean but lacked the depth that I feel Nate will grant the handler.


With Mac, he's serving me a smidge of Sid Vicious with a touch of Matt "The Blueprint" Morgan. It's a nice mix of old and new... and now that I've had more time to compare... I think I will have to say I prefer the Macho Timberlake hair and shorter beard, as opposed to the current, grown out hair.


Jehst is always a treat to watch and we're all familiar with his aptitude for putting together a well-thought-out look, so I'll spare you guys having to read the written equivalent of orally pleasuring him... with words, you sickos.



So, in true "me" fashion, this turned out to be the opposite of a quick review... but I stuck with the visuals because I would be here all night otherwise.


I did not read the other reviews, so I apologize if I repeat anything that was already said or mentioned.


Last, but not least: all this is just the opinion of one person... others may agree or disagree so please don't use this as scripture from OCW as a whole.

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