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Come to my world...

The Last Blacksmith

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The scene opens in a dark house. Slowly, a small light advances. A figure, holding a candle in his hand, presents himself in front of the camera. This is The Last Blacksmith.


Blacksmith: Yes, I know. A little gloomy atmosphere .. But what can you do about it. Not everyone likes the "light".


Blacksmith signals the cameraman to follow him.


Blacksmith: Come on my man. Don't be afraid...


Blacksmith he heads for the stairs leading to an underground room, with the cameraman following him from behind.


Blacksmith:You should be honored Harvey. I'm introducing you to my "trophy room".



Blacksmith opens the door of the underground room



Blacksmith: Oh, let's start with a bang...


Candle light illuminates a kendo stick...


Blacksmith:With this my friend, I won my first PPV match at Devils Night 2018.


Blacksmith smiles recalling his battle with Mistico.


Blacksmith:Let's move on...


Two masks are now illuminated ... one orange and white and another one that is black.


Blacksmith: Anime Prince and Solomon Caine. Two tough opponents. Who put me through the pains of hell...


Blacksmith:I still remember the pain I felt in those matches. The scars I have on my body do not allow me to forget it.


Blacksmith: And if this happens to me, imagine what happens to my opponents ...


Blacksmith: Some of them, once they entered my world, collapsed permanently.


Blacksmith looks at the Anime Prince mask


Blacksmith:Others, on the other hand, faced the test with courage, and got up stronger...


He now looks to the mask used by Caine at Summercide...


Blacksmith:But now. There's only one thing I'm interested in hearing from you Harvey.


Blacksmith:Would you be able to walk into my world, and get out on your feet?


Blacksmith:Or would you finally collapse?


Blacksmith signals the cameraman to follow him


Blacksmith: You know harvey, I have a lot of souvenirs here. But let me show you one of the centerpices of the collection.


The camera focuses on a boot, which has blood on the toe.


Blacksmith: Yes harvey. That's what you think ...


Blacksmith: You know, sometimes a man, in order to achieve something, is forced to do what he does not want, but which is necessary.


Blacksmith: Valk was alone that day. An easy target, an easy way to send a message ...


Blacksmith:Was it honorable? Was it right? No, it wasn't. But one of the things I've learned is that life isn't fair. Life has no mercy. So why should I have had any?


An expression of disgust appears on the cameraman's face.


Blacksmith lashes out at him

Blacksmith: DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN ME EH? You believe that having some kind of morality leads you to feel better.


Blacksmith:Bullshit. It only makes you weaker!


Blacksmith:And what about you Harvey?? What did you do? You could have avoided everything, you could have protected her, and yet you too were opportunistic. You did what you found most convenient, and not what was right.


Blacksmith: The same blood that's on this boot is also on your hands.


Blacksmith:I know for sure you haven't forgotten. I know for a fact that you still don't forgive yourself for what happened. But now I give you the chance for redemption


Blacksmith: Will the light be able to illuminate the darkness?


Blacksmith: Or will the darkness be such that it will swallow the light?


Blacksmith blows out the dim candle light. The scene ends with the screams of the cameraman in the background and the camera falling to the ground.

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