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Ice cold work out

Nate Mac

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“The Ice Man” Nate Mac is at the gym on leg day. Saul Freeman is seen straightening his tie, obviously not there to work out. Mac catches him in his peripheral vision, but continues his work routine. Saul Freeman slowly approaches The Iceman.


Saul Freeman hey there buddy, seems like you need my assistance after another loss after all.


Mac: Didn’t I tell you … too … fuck off.


Mac placed the squat rack back on its frame, then turns around to confront Freeman who Mac just realized he was surrounded by Freeman Guys.


Mac Really? You gotta have goons do your dirty work, slaps Saul Freeman three times Are you gonna do something or just stand there and bleed?


The hires goons just stood there with a 100 yard stare. They didn’t want none of the Iceman, he’s already got the lunatic face starts to take over, mouth twitching, eyes tightening and head shaking.


Saul Freeman: I cant believe you struck me, and you sons of bitchs didn’t do anything!! Why do I keep hiring good help these days!?


Saul I was just trying to help jump start your career and lay the steps out for you. Starting in the fundamentals, you’re gonna have to leave Tre Golden behind he’s holding you back, I can get the copyrights for the Wolves of The Vanguard and I can fill a stable you would be in charge of.


Mac enraged ooooh yeah you see That is the second time you insulted my friend and mentor. Now I have to hurt you, you dig? Give me your hand, Do It!! Or I’ll snatch it right off of you.


Saul Freeman reluctantly apologized but saw it would not be enoug, he turns his head closes his eyes and holds his hands out. Nate Mac quickly grabs both Which hand .


Saul informed Mac he is right handed, begging for forgiveness still Mac breaks each finger on both hands, and walks away laughing as Saul lays crying in pain, then turns his head half way around .


Mac you may want to ICE those, no pun included, actually you know what yeah I meant it. now leave me the Fuck alone. If you don’t get the picture me and Tre will stop by and see you Saul. We know where you live Saul and so much more.


Mac leave the gym tossing his towel into the bin, and whistling on his way out the door. Saul Freeman still on his knees and holding his hand out In front of him, crying.

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The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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