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l o c a l m e d i c a l f a c i l i t y

Colin Locke

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Inside a doctor's office, Colin Locke is sitting on the side of an examination table while the doctor sits at his desk, looking through the database on his computer.


Doctor: Okay, Mr. Locke, I've got your records up, let's have a look at you then. Tell me what happened, our receptionist mentioned being hit in the legs by a blunt object? A shovel, apparently?


Colin: Yeah, got knocked about a bit, the rest of me is fine, I'm not worried, I just really want to make sure my legs aren't doing anything weird, don't want anything to come back to haunt me.


Doctor: No problem, let me just get these kneepads off you, and we can have a look.


The doctor tugs at Colin's kneepads for a moment but can't seem to move them. He lets out a concerned hmm and tries again. No luck.


Colin: Yeah, they're stuck there, might be swelling or something?


Doctor: No... It's not that... Can you lift your leg up a moment?


Colin lifts his leg up, and the doctor pulls from underneath Colin's leg for a moment. The kneepad completely falls apart.


Colin: Oh what.


The doctor does the same on Colin's other leg, again, the kneepad falls apart, both of them now in vaguely clothy tatters on the floor.


Doctor: So, considering that you can walk, albeit with a bit of a limp, and looking at the state of these, I am hoping that your kneepads took most of the beating. You'll never be able to use these again though, realistically, you shouldn't have used these in the first place, but they did their job.


Colin: They died doing what they loved.


Colin lifts the legs of his trousers up, and the doctor looks closely at them. They're bruised, fairly badly bruised, in fact, but neither Colin nor the doctor seem particularly worried.


Doctor: Just as I thought, some bruising, it'll be sensitive for a few days, but that'll be back to normal soon. You've gotta be careful for a while so that you don't develop any weaknesses, but, I'd recommend a bit of rest over the next few days, and that you replace those kneepads if you're gonna do any sports.


The doctor takes another look at the tattered cloth on the floor.


Doctor: Preferably with some harder padding. Do that, and you shouldn't have any long term issues.


Colin: Yeah, was planning on getting some metal ones, but never really had the time to do it. Will have to make time for that.


The scene fades out as Colin and the Doctor continue talking.

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