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Nathanial Anderson


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WRESTLER NAME: Nathanial Anderson

HOMETOWN: Manchester, England

HEIGHT: 5'11"

WEIGHT: 230 lbs

THEME SONG: King of The World by WAR*HALL



Exalted In Heaven (Discus Clothesline 2)

A Cut Above (Clothesline 15)



Call of The Prodigy (Spinebuster 19)



Hailing from Manchester, Nathanial came to the Americas to get away from the smaller wrestling scene in England to enjoy the wider variety of possibilities. Currently taking residence in Orlando, Florida, Nathanial's had a few stints with smaller companies and formed a tag team with a new friend. After winning tag and world title gold in the smaller promotions, Nathanial looks to make a new start in a solos run without his tag partner looking over his shoulder or lurking in his shadow.

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