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Leo Grimm

Nate Mac

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Leo Grimm


The 7ft 320 Lbs Monster returns )


Hails from The Dragon’s Gorge


Sig 1: The Glass Ceiling (Crucifix Powerbomb 1)

Sig 2: Dragons George (Implant Buster)

Fin: Into the Chasm (Reverse Chokeslam 1)


Feuds: Kasstianity, The Lost Boys, El Parca, Odon Klein, Justin Jehst.


Leo Grimm is no stranger to OCW. Once a terror in the darkness, the Prophet of Deliverance, sent forth by the Dragon he worships. His failure to achieve the Dragon’s Favor and usher in the age is Deliverance as commanded by the Dragon, was met with a wrath beyond the imagination of pure, mortal men. His already warped mind soaked in the purity of pain and he fought many demons and guardians in the Dragon’s Gorge, once again claiming the title of The Dragon’s Champion, after soaring the Dragon’s life before he slayed him. The Dragon gave him a vile of his Own precious blood healing his Champion and increasing his power and resilience.


The sins of OCW, that the dragon feeds on, has brought forth the Prophet of Deliverance back from the Shadows and Flames, sent on a single mission. He comes to purify the sins of the roster through torture and pain. He has rebuilt a dwelling, more of a cabin fortress, in the area surrounding OCW, no one knows for sure where, and those who have gone looking to see if the whispers in the dark were true… That the madman, the lunatic, the self-skin flayer has returned, have never been heard from again. His pathway leads to the OCW, to conquer those who have caught the eye of the Dragon. Beware, for Grimm Days approach the OCW doorsteps, Deliverance must be served.

The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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