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WhereCulture News: Ambition Stars OUT for "In Your Mom's House"!


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As was first reported by Gabe Seltzer and hardly verified by any of our several blokes named Adam, there have been some changes to the upcoming Ambition: In Your Mom's House card.


The over-the-top rope battle royal scheduled for Ambition's first plunge into "named" events in the modern era will see shakeup, as 2 members of the 6-man affair have been officially ruled out of action for undisclosed medical reasons.


Veteran grappler, the former "Man Called Joopiter" Matias Duplooy posted a heartfelt message on his Twitter account earlier this morning, thanking his fans for their support and expressing his sincere regret for being unable to attend Ambition later this month, though he remained unclear on the nature or severity of his medical concerns.


In addition, Gabe Seltzer reported that in an apparently unrelated incident, OCW Rookie Ruke was also heard to have been removed from the match. Ruke signed his OCW Contract in late 2021 and was expected to be a fixture on Ambition in the new year. He has not yet been reached for a statement on this matter as of this post.




While it's not yet known whether these two are legitimately injured, if the removals are coincidence, or if they are connected in any way.


The match is still being promoted on OCWFED.com and it's not yet known whether new participants will be entered in their place, the match itself will go on as a 4-way, or it will be scrapped altogether. More details will be posted as WhereCulture learns more information.


No other competitors have been affected that we know of and the other matches scheduled to headline are still expected to take place.


OCW Ambition: In Your Mom's House is scheduled for Saturday, January 29th at 3PM ET on twitch.tv/ocwfed and will feature the current #1 contenders for the OCW Tag Team Championships, Sanctum, take on The Wrestling Club in 6-man tag team action, as well as Joe Deaver vs Alastair Ross in a No DQ match.


As always, WhereCulture will continue to be your number one source in hastily reported, potentially harmful clickbait in the world of pro wrestling.

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