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Harper LeRoux Biography

Shianne Lovelace

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HOMETOWN: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


WEIGHT: 115 lbs


D.O.B.: December 18th, 2002



-Cut of Darkness [Diced Bread]

-Ghoul's Faith [Frog Splash]



-Bridging Butterfly Suplex



Harper LeRoux, also known as "Ojistah", is a Canadian-born professional wrestler from the Ontario province who is of Indigenous-American descent, specifically a member of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy's Mohawk Tribe - better known as the Six Nations. A gymnast and amateur wrestler in school, Harper applies technical skills to an aerial style in a way commonly seen on the independent wrestling scene in the modern era. Though she's conservative about her big dives and aerial attacks, she still breaks them out when she feels the time is right, even if the time is sometimes wrong. She is noted for her usage of submission holds and suplexes to wear her opposition down, not afraid to keep anyone in a submission hold for as long as possible.


She made her debut on the regional independent circuit in Ontario and Upstate New York in 2021, usually being used in a curtain jerking capacity as she developed the skills needed to perform in front of larger audiences and came into her own as a performer. Although incredibly green and sometimes considered a spot monkey, her performances caught the attention of Alexa Hayes, a member of the Online Championship Wrestling roster. After formally meeting with the Hayes', LeRoux began further training beneath Alexa and Kassidy - with Alexa leading most of the training. She refined her skillset and even made sporadic appearances on OCW programming in uncredited capacities.


Under the guidance of the Hayes', LeRoux learned how to wield her strong legs to inflict major damage - mimicking her mentors strong striking styles and combining it with her established skills. All of this training was on behalf of the benevolence of the church, which Harper quickly became a devout follower of, performing various roles off screen and on screen as one of Kassidy Hayes' many ghouls. Now, with the masks off, and after a year of intensive behind-the-scenes training and an official contract signing, Harper looks to make her mark in the OCW women's division with her upcoming in-ring debut on Ambition.

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