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Fear and Rebelion

Marcus Bishop

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Kyle Felix wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of dogs barking. He looks out the window to the back yard and sees a shadow going over the fence with a trail of red paint following him. He grabs his dog and hushes him. Felix grabs his katana off of the mantel that was given to him by his Dojo master Kenji Mutaso and goes outside creeping along and remaining vigilant.


He says to himself : There is no one out here anymore... They ran away.


Felix looks to the back of his fence and sees the words "Fear and Rebelion" painted in red...


He says to himself : "Fear and Rebelion"


Then he shouts : I know who you are! I know who you are! AND YOU CAN'T HIDE!


A voice is heard behind him : You are wrong. You don't know who you are.


Felix turns around. *STAB*

Felix looks down and touches the wound in his gut... blood lays on the ground, he drops to his knees and looks up. A being in face paint looking off in the distance (a mirror image of Felix) holding the same katana but dripping Felix's blood.


Felix : W...who, who are you?

???: I am you and you are me? I am what you fear I am what you hate the most... You can't run forever Kyle. Your fear is your rebelion.

Felix : I, I...i. (He dies)

???: Death - is the only way out.


The figure walks off in to the abyss draging the katana leaving a stain of red behind....


Kyle Felix wakes up, it's 12:00, mid day... He's breathing heavy, sits up checks his stomach, there is nothing there. He gets up, goes over to the mirror and begins to laugh histarically.


Felix : Just a bad dream... Man.


Felix sees out the corner of his eye in the mirror on his back wall the words he dreads the most, "Fear and Rebelion". He turns around quickly and in sheer terror looks around to see a trail of blood and his katana in red. He passes out from the anxiety. Minutes later he hears his dog barking and the phone ringing. He picks himself up using the dresser and looks in the mirror. But it's not the same person... This man he sees is his greatest fear, his worst Nightmare.

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