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The scene opens in the changing room of "Troy's Gym" in Westbrook, Maine. Dan Syndrome is sat on a weight bench waiting for something


Syndrome: Hurry up... We need to be out of here in 20 minutes... I'm sick of your timekeeping


He gets to his feet as a newly muscled and long-haired Pugh walks out of a small room into shot


Syndrome: Ahh you bought a Raven dress up game... Well change the fuck outta it, we need to leave now


Pugh stands staring at Syndrome


Syndrome: and what the hell is wrong with you.. You look like you've seen a ghost


Pugh walks back into the room silently


Syndrome: Seriously Dan, we.... *He follows Pugh into the room* We.... what the hell is all this


Syndrome looks around the room, stunned by what he has encountered. Strewn around are hundreds of Polaroid pictures of members of the public, each with the same red cross through them. Pinned to the wall with barbed wire are photograph of each member of the OCW roster, although none of them have the red cross upon them.


Syndrome: Dan, what is all this shit? are we playing recycle the gimmick WCW edition? Get that.... is that a kilt? Sort yourself.... what are you doing?


Pugh slams the door, turns the key, then grins at Dan Syndrome


Syndrome: Dan.... don't do anything you're gonna regret.... I'm your ticket back to OCW.


Pugh grabs Syndrome by the throat and thrusts him towards the wall of public photos. He slowly moves Syndrome's face along the wall, as if selecting a photo. He stops on a photo of Dan Syndrome... The only one without a Red Cross on it.


Pugh begins to laugh as he rams Syndrome's head into the photo, knocking him to the floor


The scene fades with a shot of the outside of the gym, the screams within muffled by the walls.




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I thought Syndrome was dead.....nice rp, I image pugh to look more like lame ass steven richards with long scraggily hair than the icon that was raven :).


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