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Summercide Absence

Darin Rebel

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**The camera fades in as Darin Rebel prepares to speak. Rebel has a black eye and bruising to the chin. He appears to have trouble keeping his left eye open for a normal amount of time. He slowly begins to talk.**


Rebel: Last week I was attacked from behind. While I was being attacked a camera managed to record this entire event. After watching this video I preferred to keep it undisclosed for public viewing.


I was attacked by a man called Trips. Trips' wreckless intent left me with what you see now. He left me severely beaten and hospitalized. I was unable to attend Summercide as a result. I got to thinking after watching the video and came to believe that Trips had the correct motives to attack me. Week in and week out I had verbally attacked him for a bad reason. I apologize for that. If there's anything you ever need help with you just let me know. Good luck in your future endeavors.


Now that the page has been turned. I plan on coming back to the ring very soon. To get back on track and in winning form. I currently stand 2-2 in OCW. From here on out I want to keep that loss ratio at 2. Once again its crunch time. See you boys soon....

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