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Here's an RP for you...

Vincent Valmont

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*Scene begins to fade inside a empty Riot arena. Lightly dimmed throughout the whole building. We see Jim Black sitting down on a stool inside the empty ring, along with a few camera men. He keeps looking at his watch, and then looking around the arena. Shortly after, "Redefine" by Soil hits the PA speakers, and out walks Vincent Valmont. Jim looks at Vincent with confusion as Vincent makes his way down the ramp, and slides into the ring. Dressed in his usual street clothes, and a water bottle and shades in tact*


Jim: Well, it's about time.


Valmont: Patience my good fella, patience. You got questions, and I got those answers. You already know the whole routine.


Jim: Yes I do, Vincent. I know today is Monday, and this is a pre-taped interview prior to Turmoil, but may I ask why we're here in Cincinnati, Ohio and in the empty Riot arena, and ring?


*Vincent starts to smirk. Jim stares at him, as he can't tell his facial expression due to the shades on his face. Vincent takes a sip from his water bottle, and clears his throat*


Valmont: You should know me alot better than this, Jimmie. This is a ring, correct?


*Vincent gives Jim a arrogant look, as he nods in frustration*


Valmont: This is my sanctuary. Vincent Valmont and a ring goes together like Parker Stevens and his face paint, or Kip Konrad and his dresses, and also his slurpies. They're inseparateable. This week's Riot promises to be another kick ass edition. Probally better than the 4th year anniversary show from last week, and do you want to know why?


*Jim shrugs, and nods*


Valmont: Because I-Gen will be in full effect, and I--


Jim: Let's talk about I-Gen shall we? How about--


*Vincent takes off his shades, and stares down Jim*


Valmont: Lay off the red bull, Jimmie and please don't ever interrupt my sentences again! Wings won't save you from a ass whoopin.


*Vincent takes another sip of his water, as he continues to stare at Jim, before finally putting back on his shades*


Valmont: If you want to take about I-Gen, be my guest.


Jim: As proceeding, when I mentioned I-Gen. What do you guys think of this 3-way match that was made by VFM, and The Steve to set you, Deano, and Kang James in a match to determine the #1 contender for The Steve's title?


Valmont: Well you're only getting what I think, because I can't answer for the other two, but what I will say is that I will stop at nothing and hurt anyone, and I do mean anyone to get back into the spotlight. I can't stress this enough on how much I want to end Steve's reign as INT Champion, and put him in his place.


Jim: So you're not at all worried about whether this will effect I-Gen backstage or not? There has to be some sort of jealousy or rivalary going on that might cause drama in the faction?


*Vincent looks a bit annoyed, as he sighs, and shakes his head*


Valmont: How about we stray away from all these negative questions about I-Gen, and get serious for a moment. I-Gen will forever be around, no matter what druggie, or rapper, or even a suit wearing stoner says.


Jim: Well we havn't even cracked a dent into Turmoil, but considering what will be going down on Riot, I think Turmoil discussion will still be ok. As for now, what if you don't win the 3way match for #1 contendership?


Valmont: I won't lose, I can't lose. OCW needs Vincent Valmont. They need a champion, these fans need a champion. The new block of kids on this roster of OCW's just doesn't understand yet. I don't have not one drop of blood that I won't sacrifice in order to get another 1on1 with the Steve, but since I'm answering your questions I guess there's always a face painting champ, or a cross dressing champ that is just begging to be defeated. OCW, Jay, VFM... I know you'll see this interview, so open them ears. No matter what happens on Riot this week, Vincent Valmont will be in your face. I'm a contender, I'm a champion...it's only a matter of time!


Jim: Well I thankyou for this interesting interview, but this is all the time we have. We'll get another one with you shortly following Riot, and good luck.


*As Jim Black leaves the ring, the camera men fade the shot on Vincent Valmont just standing in the ring, looking around the empty seats*


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OtHs83hU2M]YouTube - Soil - Redefine[/ame]

OCW's 2008's Most Improved Wrestler

2x OCW Heavyweight Champion

2x OCW Hardcore Champion

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Yea, you want to get away from the 'negative questions' because you all know there's friction between you all after the announcement was made. You all want a shot at me, and your loyalties to your faction mates will fall by the wayside when that bell rings. I can't wait for the aftermath of that match when you'll all be at each other throats. The downfall of i-Gen begins this Thrursday.

Sensation: "I'm an ignorant hispanic."

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As horrible as you are at fantasy football, you got some skills with the mic.

Dane Xavier: cyber bullying is not only illegal, it's pathetic




"I swear to go if you call me a Liberal again you RETHUGLICAN, SEE WHAT I DID THERE.


This is america, if you want to throw your hard earned sweat money on a videogame gambling site and thus deny you and your family food and shelter THAN BY GOD DAMMIT YOU CAN, BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA YOU COMMIE SOCIALIST.



Now then when Can I expect your next donation?


"- Jay Jay




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