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What you did not see on Turmoil.


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*Slowly fading into the scene, Chloe Taylor is seen. She's sitting down on a black leather couch. Loud voices can be heard in the background, as the OCW Tag Team Champions Smythe Da Wonder, and Wonderful Wesley walks into the scene*


Wesley: You cheated...I want my damn rematch, cuz!


*Smythe gently lays the tag strap on the wooden table, as Wesley just drops it. They both proceed to sit across the room from Chloe, as Wesley flops quickly down on a sofa, and loudly flops his feet down on the table*


SDW: First off, get your damn feet of Aunti's priceless table...and I didn't cheat, it's just you suck something horrible.


Wesley: Whatever, cuz...next time, we'll see who sucks, and who's Wonderful...


SDW: That will be me... again... but shutup, because we have a guest. Not like I care who he is, but it's Chloe Taylor, who has mesmerizing breats and apparently since we didn't attend Turmoil, we gotta answer 21 questions.


Wesley: They be sweating you like that, cuz?

SDW: Always...and for the last time, get your damn feet off the table. If Aunti comes in here by any chance, and sees your feet....


*Smythe grins, as he decides not to finish that sentence*

Wesley: Don't worry, cuz...Aunti loves me!


*Smythe tilts his head back, taking in a big sigh. Wesley begins to eat some chips, and takes a sip out of a p.i.n.k Vodka bottle*


Chloe As both of you gentlemen know, this interview is being pre-taped. It'll be posted at OCWFED.NET following Turmoil. My first question is directed for you, Wesley.


*Wesley nods, and continues to gulp out of his p.i.n.k vodka bottle*


Chloe How does it feel to finally be a champion in OCW?


*Wesley stops drinking, and burps*


Wesley: I've always been a champion, but now I finally got the gold to prove so...and I guess it feels great, I'm just lonely without my Ex-Title.


*Wesley burps another, and continues to destory the chips*


Chloe This next question is for you, Smythe..


*Smythe ignores Chloe, as he stares at Wesley*

SDW: Don't tell me you're drinking out of a p.i.n.k vodka bottle...Aunti is definitely going to kill you, and you're no longer allowed to be seen with me in public.


Wesley: This stuff is da bomb, cuz. Don't be a hater because it's color is pink, I gots to drink what goes with my swagg.


SDW: Your swagg represents pink? You're really making it hard for me not to kick your ass.


*Smythe sighs again in frustration, and shakes his head. Wesley continues to gulp down the bottle and plays his Ipod, as Jim clears his throat*


Shloe Smythe, with your actions from Riot last week. Are you worried about what Nate Ortiz has planned for revenge on Riot this week in the main event?


*Smythe takes off his shades, and grins*


SDW:Chloe, you`re a smart gal....don't be a dumb one, like Wesley. I'm miles ahead on the interstate of success from Nate, and if that isn't enough...here's a example to make things simplier for you, Nate, and anyone else....Smythe DaWonder is like a nicely built, fine tuned, sharp, clean, and fast Ferrari 612 Scaglietti....and Nate is like the oldschool Pinto. We just don't belong in the same garage, or ring together.


Chloe: I understand your point, but you still didn't answer my question?


*Smythe puts back on his shades, and grabs his tag title*


SDW: I'm done answering questions, I'm leaving to attend to other business. If you want anymore questions, feel free to ask my cousin.


*Smythe leaves, as Wesley takes out his earplugs from his Ipod*


Wesley: Where the hell is he going?


Chloe: He said that he had some business to take care of, and that I guess I'm finishing this interview with you...


???: What in the hell do you think you're doing in my home, drinking up my secret stash of vodka, and getting chips all over my sofa, and floor?


*Wesley quickly jumps out of his seat after getting struck behind the head, and slowly backs away. As the camera fades on a large woman, who is yelling at Wesley*


Wesley: Aunti B...I thought you was gone on vacation?


Aunti B: I wasn't, and who are these people, and why are they in my house?


Wesley: ...but I....


*Wesley circles around the couch, far away from Aunti B*


Aunti B: Get out of my house...that goes for all of you!


*Wesley, the cameramen, and Chloe quickly leaves the room*


Aunti B: Nope, you're not going anywhere, Wesley!


Wesley: Why in the hell not, woman! I gotta go catch my limo ride with Smythe, he's waiting for me outside. Plus I'm a grown man, I'm 19!


Aunti B: You're staying here, until I say otherwise. You can catch a ride later, wonderful my ass!


Wesley: But I got to appear at Riot this week...and I....


Aunti B: I don't care what Riot you gotta start!


*The cameramen keeps shooting on the scene of Aunti May trying to attack Wesley. Moments later, outside the house....Smythe can be shown laughing, as he sticks his head out the window of his limo*


Smythe: That'll teach Wesley not to get on my got' damn nerves, and as for Nate Ortiz...I'll see you at Riot!

 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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i almost marked thinking sensation wrote a RP

Dane Xavier: cyber bullying is not only illegal, it's pathetic




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This is america, if you want to throw your hard earned sweat money on a videogame gambling site and thus deny you and your family food and shelter THAN BY GOD DAMMIT YOU CAN, BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA YOU COMMIE SOCIALIST.



Now then when Can I expect your next donation?


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