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Cocky or Confident?

Vincent Valmont

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*Camera shot fades into a parking lot. By the look of the scenary around, and the sun, it seems to be morning. A black on black Dodge Ram Truck pulls into the parking lot. With the tinted windows, the camera can't focus on who's inside. Suddenly the door swings open, and Vincent Valmont slides out. In a fancy suite, shades, earrings, and a rolex in tact*


Valmont: What a nice Thursday morning, wouldn't yall agree? I appreciate yall agreeing to volunteer to be the cameramen for my "outside the ring" videos on OCWFED.NET. I like for my fans to understand what's going on in my life, other than inside a ring.


*Vincent checks his rolex, and begins to walk*


Valmont: Well, I'm not much of a morning person. So I apologize for being late.


*As the cameramen follow the movements of Vincent, the camera gets a full glimpse of a hospital*


Valmont: It sucks that I have to come here, but rules are rules.


*The cameramen continue to follow Vincent into the hospital. Where they proceed in waiting with Vincent in the lobby after his brief talk at the front desk*


Valmont: I suppose everyone of my fans who's going to be watching this will want to know why Vincent Valmont is inside of the best hospital in the Los Angeles area?


*Vincent smirks, and walks over to a vending machine. He puts in 3 quarters, and grabs a bag of Bugles corn chips as he looks at the camera *


Valmont: Thanks to OCW medical staff that was backstage at Turmoil, is reason why I'm here. They wanted me to do a following check up at a local hospital just to make sure that I'll be able to compete, and continue my hardcore tour against Chris Ryder at Riot later tonight.


*Vincent laughs, and shakes his head, as he walks over to another vending machine. Puts a dollar bill into the machine to pull out a water bottle, and sits back down in the chair*


Valmont: Honestly after that match with Dragon, I never felt more happier recently in my life, despite the amount of pain I was in. If that doesn't answer anyone's questions, then the other obvious reasoning behind this little visit to a hospital this morning is because of the corrupted OCW staff.


*Vincent finishing the last bit of crumbs in the bag of chips, he throws the bag away, and takes a sip from his water, as he burps loudly inside the lobby. A elderly woman is sitting across the lobby, giving a disgusted look at Vincent*


Valmont: Do we got a problem, granny?


*The elderly woman stands up, as she walks away loudly, and quickly. Vincent grins, and burps again*


Valmont: ....Like I was saying, it's also due to that corrupted OCW staff. Personally if I didn't come here to get a physical test, and x-rays done to prove I can still compete then that would've just gave them a reason to keep me out of the ring, and unable to help I-Gen, and plus put the end to my hardcore tour. I---


*Just before Vincent could continue to talk, the doctor walks into the lobby. Vincent answers his name, and follows the doctor into his office, and sits down with the camermen getting every inch of the scene into the shot*


Doctor: Basically what we're going to do today, Vincent is run a few tests on you. Simple, and easy physical tests. Afterwards in which we'll be doing a few x-rays.


Valmont: Sounds easy enough. Let's get started, I got a Riot show to attend tonight in Burbank.


*The office door opens, and walks in 2 nurses. One older female nurse, and a younger female*


Doctor: These are my 2 assistant nurses, they'll be helping us today on our tests.


*The camermen follows Vincent, the nurses, and the doctor towards the tests facilities. After a hour passes away, Vincent is seen awaiting inside the doctor's office*


Doctor: Well, I'm afraid I have some bad news, but on the flip side I do have some good news.


*Vincent raises his eyebrows, grins, and takes his feet off the desk*


Valmont: Give it to me straight, doc. I don't like games.


Doctor: Worst case scenario for you will be attending the Riot show tonight, and risk further injury to yourself. You'll already be fighting with stitches across that cut on your forehead, burns on your back, sore ribs, and neck. You was lucky it wasn't serious 2nd or 3rd degree burns, or broken ribs, so it would be ill-advised to fight tonight.


*Vincent runs his hands through his hair, and sighs*


Valmont: Thanks for the tests, but you telling me not to attend my tour, and let Ryder win by default at Riot tonight is ill-advised in my honest of opinions, doc! Personally all I want is for you to sign that damn paper, so I can leave, and make my way to Burbank. I'm a wrestler, a damn good one at that, I was born to wrestle, and I will be keeping my tour alive when I beat Ryder. No tests, injury, or doctor's evaluation will stop me.


Doctor: Listen to yourself for one second, and try to do the mature thing about this. This is a risk taking move on your part if you decide to fight anyway. You think this Chris Ryder guy will take it easy on you because of your injury? I heavily disagree, and as your doctor who helped you through your last 2 injuries over your OCW career I would reccommend you not fight. You would have a better chance at risking a loss in your tour for Riot, and take the extra day to rest for next week.


*A arrogant Vincent with a heavy grin walks towards the door, and reaches for the door knob*


Valmont: I appreciate your concern, but I would also appreciate if you just sign that damn paper. I can compete as I did finish that Turmoil match with Dragon and walked away with a win. I want to compete, and I will compete. This tour means more to me than anything, and minor injuries or not, I will go 6-0 tonight in front of my home town.


*The doctor shakes his head, and signs the paper. Once handed in his hands, Vincent storms out the office. The camermen continues to follow Vincent to his truck, as he steps inside the truck he looks back towards the camera*


Valmont: To all of you fans that will be tuning in to see me continue this hardcore tour, will not be disappointed. I'm coming to fight again tonight at Riot, and I can guarantee one thing....these minor injuries will not be stopping me from going 6-0!


*Vincent slams his door, and drives off as the scene fades*

OCW's 2008's Most Improved Wrestler

2x OCW Heavyweight Champion

2x OCW Hardcore Champion

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