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A FABULOUS way to start off Riot!

Kip Conrad

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(Kip is walking backstage and is one of the first to arrive for tonight's Riot and is on his cell phone as the camera focuses on him. Kip is wearing His new white sunglasses a Pink Boa and white leather pants. He is in the middle of talking as we see him.)


Kip: I think it's a great name Chris. "Sweet" Ryder is so on the Money. Trust me I know what Hollywood wants and Hollywood wants "Sweet" Ryder. I know I know my agent said the Tivo will get set up by tonight.


(Kip walks past a window and stops to check his reflection, he fixes his hair and then keeps walking.)


Kip: If all else fails as a backup my agent is recording Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy so we can watch them tomorrow.


(Kip laughs..)


Kip: They call him McDreamy for a reason.


(Kips stops.)


Kip: Nohomo.


(Just then Jim Black comes up and begins to talk to Kip.)


Jim: Kip do you have a minute?


(Kip acting as if he is on the run way stops, steps and turns as he lowers his sunglasses and looks at Jim.)


Kip: I'll Catch you on the rebound "Sweet" Ryder. Jim make it quick before the Paparazzi have a field day me talking to you will cause a riot in the media.


(Jim looks around and only sees backstage OCW crew and labor workers.)


Jim: Ummm. Ok? Kip to kick off 2009 you went into a 3 way and walked out International Champ. Once again ending very quickly a title reign held by Aries as well as a once again humiliating Smythe to win the match your thoughts?


(Kip shifts his weight and begins to speak.)


Kip: Was there ever any doubt I would not win that match? I was fighting a retarded Bob Marley and a butch midget? Look at me? I'm the face of OCW. I'm not only a Hollywood star, but I am a simply fabulous! I bring style and Charisma to this otherwise boring and blend company. Just like the Pride title I will make this International title a title worth holding on to. Something none of the other carbon copies could do.


Jim: What about Smythe and what happened in the ring?


Kip: Ahhhh Smythe! He is like my Milk Chocolate Bunny on easter I can't wait to sink my teeth into.


(Jim speaks up.)


Jim: Nohomo?


(Kip points at him as if to say "that's right")


Kip: I will admit, Smythe had some soft lips. He must really take care of himself you see man-grooming is an art you know? And i respect him for being kind enough to moisturize his lips like he does. Thanks Smythe! But To be serious I feel bad for Smythe so insecure with his sexuality. So tense when it comes to this topic. Lets not hide behind the curtain anymore Smythe! First the dress, then the Kiss! I'm like a blue bird who has to spread his wings. I know you can't stand to see me in the ring with other guys but tonight. When I look at Michael Morrison and I try to see what makes him so Mad and when I lay a big wet one on him and that frown turns upside down.


(Kip fixes his hair.)


Kip: Smythe will have to understand that what me and Smythe have is not exclusive to just us I am a gift to OCW and I need to share it. Smythe this is a demon you will have to deal with in your own way. Kip is no ones property but fear not come tag team title time when myself and Sweet Ryder give the ocw fans what they want and win the titles I'll give Smythe a little something to hold him over, don't you worry. Lets just hope Smythe is not some kind of stalker. We don't need this turning into a Mark David Chapmen / John Lennon type thing. Catch my drift Jimmy?


(Jim can't believe what he is hearing as he looks at Kip in a very strange way.)


Jim: You have changed a bit sense we last say you in 2008?


Kip: Life is short Jim, and it's simple. I need to share myself with the world. God gave me this gift.


(Kip turns around slowly and shows off his body.)


Kip: It would be a sin to keep this from anyone.


(Kip leans in to Jim and speaks in a "Matter of fact")


Kip: With great beauty comes great responsibility.


(Jim shakes his head as Kip's phone rings.)


Kip: It's the coast. Gotta take this!


(Kip answers the phone and walks away.)


Kip: Ronnie Babe, I can't miss Grey's Anatomy tonight! I need to know what Meredith is gonna say to him.....


(As Kip walks away Jim looks to the camera speechless.)


The NoHomo Club


Justin Rox

Smythe D. Wonder x2 (3rd times a charm)



Deano Horse (Given and Taken)


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I love when pop culture is thrown into an RP. Extremely well written.



I really like the whole gimmick Kip. I know you had the Hollywood type thing going early on but this upped it a level. Great work

LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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All this 'no homo' shit is starting to creep me out a little..but a classic rp...'with great beauty,comes great responsibility'...classic.


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