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Justin Rockstar

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The scene opens backstage at a metal concert where various staff members are doing their jobs. The camera pans toward the stage area behind a curtain, peeking around the corner to show a band on stage. Justin Rockstar is the vocalist and the audience is rocking out to his beautiful voice. They reach the end of their song and the audience gives them a standing ovation.


ROCKSTAR: Thank you all for comin' out tonight, don't forget to get a designated driver!


The band exits the stage toward the camera. Justin is first off the stage and we can see a look of dissatisfaction on his face. A band member comes up to him and puts his arm around his shouder, Justin fakes a smile.


BAND MEMBER: Good set bro, those pipes worked in over drive tonight!


The band member slaps Justin on the chest and exits the frame. Justin proceeds to his dressing room as the cameras follow. On the way he signs a couple of autographs and recieves more praise from others. He finally reaches his dressing room and enters, locking the door behind him. He breathes a sigh of relief and sits at his desk. He catches a glimps of himself in the mirror and leans closer. He looks into his eyes in his reflection and puts his hands on his head.


ROCKSTAR: This lifestyle I live consumes me...


Justin sits back and takes a cigarette pack off his desk, he takes a cigarette out of it and lights it with a lighter that was also on the desk. He takes a draw from the cigarette before putting his hands on each side of the desk to continue looking at himself in the mirror.


ROCKSTAR: Ever since I was brought back to reality, things still haven't seemed quite right. My attitude has changed while everything else remains the same... and I hate it.


Justin takes another draw from his cigarette.


ROCKSTAR: I hate these clothes, I hate this place, I hate this hair, and as much as I deny it, I hate these people. Metal is in my blood but I feel so isolated.


Suddenly, knocking can be heard at the door.


VOICE: Justin, we need to discuss your next gig.


ROCKSTAR: Go away!


Justin throws a half empty bottle of Morgan at the door and it shatters, sending glass and rum everywhere. Justin takes another draw from his cigarette while at the same time seemingly breathing another sigh of relief.


ROCKSTAR: Maybe an attitude change isn't the only thing I need... maybe it's time for a complete change.


Justin stand up from his seat and flicks the cigarette at his reflection in the mirror. The scene fades as Justin exits the frame.

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