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OCWFed.com is reporting that an anonymous tip has led authorities to the arrests of former OCW wrestlers Eddie Mace and Aaron "A-Jax" Jackson under the suspicion of plotting acts of terrorism. Officers searched the house where Mace and Jackson were living and found several homemade explosives and documented evidence of planned car bomb attacks. Few details have been released in regards to motives. However, authorities have said that the anonymous phone call they received late Saturday night has prevented any severe damage from potentially occurring.


OCW Corporate Offices received a phone call from investigating officers early Monday morning informing the company that one of the targeted locations of attack was on the Baltimore Arena where OCW has a scheduled Certified Greatness Pay Per View this Sunday. OCW will continue the show as planned.


Eddie Mace and Aaron Jackson spent a brief time in OCW as members of the faction Death Row. They were former convicts who had spent time in prison for past charges of armed robbery and drug possession. Wrestler Josiah Cross brought the two to OCW where the group was able to make an impact in the company. Eddie Mace went on to win and defend the OCW Hardcore and Pride Title.


OCWFed.com will keep you posted on any developments.


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Aaron Jackson is A-Jax you dickweasel.



[23:39] locoNY911: You get solace in the fact you arent a fuck up.


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[18:40] locoNY911: I mostly aggree with your statements

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