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  1. Thanks for love fellas! I remember saying to Doc ,dammit we getting our asses whooped, cmon! Then I lost my Irish! I screamed when Toni kicked out But this isn't the end. Definitely enjoyed the match . Fav 5 ...,, you know what every sissy who dropped content for this one a winner in my book.
  2. Damn nobody has anything to say? The new commentator sissy. So you just come in and drop the F bomb? Sorry Jay you need more flavor. Jackson I just knew your sissy azz was about to drop it to the took. Awesome match ,Colin your entrance was sissy but your in ring work pretty good. Rusty you and Antonio damn, I want to call yall sissies but damn y'all looked good. You know what sissies! Lee and Trance fat sissies! Blaine he/she sissy. So Jay you just going to let that man continue to wrestle women. B17 one eyed , champion sissy. Just look at your entrance. Dominion sissies ! Fav 5 Derrick Smith, El Parca, Derrick Smith, Mayhem and Sean McGee.
  3. To start KD didn't hover because KD was in the skybox. Cohle and management are sissies because he doesn't belong in the title match. Maxx is a sissy cause I don't like him. Wrex was this a redo because you beat his azz and when you could have won , you went brain dead or start smelling yourself whatever, sissy iiish! AC you know I love you but you did a hurricana and finished with your hip out. Sissy iiish. Tre way to use that chair...... Brother! Cort and tag P sissies Elijah sissy after that azz whooping Austin Lee and B17 sissies Fav 5 Doc, Everett, El Parca, Trance, Aries and Nate Good stuff going into the ppv. Put on a awesome show people!
  4. Riot where the big boys fight! I love when you guys come together on these rps! Fav 5 : Nate , Aries, Leo Grim, AC Cobra,Mark Reese sissies! Million dollar sissies B-17 singing sissy Cort patriotic sissy JT and Blacksmith steel cage sissies Awesome show! Summercide going to be good, unless I beat the blade and take his spot lol.
  5. First I would like to say everett go fuck yourself. 2nd shit happens and your boy won so go to the first thought. 3rd bitch you can't make a name off me little video game sissy. This is a hobby mf not real life. The real KD does a temper but has a wife ,4 kids and works security. So again go back to what I said first. Mfs get in their feels about a game , Jay paying now? Mexinegro you owe me back pay. So in closing for everett or anyone else go with my first thought! Enjoy your night :)
  6. Oooh ok. I thought you said gg after the match. None of this was mentioned. I did play dirty but not cheap, its not having a moveset without any major reversals. Hell we could have run it back. Guess we'll see you guys soon again.
  7. Antonio Everitt what was the fpr break? Just asking for a friend. Also I kicked out twice. One more thing I'm not a face, I'm a badass !
  8. The way wrestling has been losing ratings in RL they need to watch how it's really done! You guys and gals are the absolute awesomeness! Fav 5 to all you sum bitches!
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