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  1. After the chaotic ending of RIOT 623, we see Terra Daturas, surrounded by several protective OCW security team members. She peers away from the TV, still reeling from the violence displayed by former OCW World Champion Maxx Edwards. She nervously looks around at the security detail, assuredly put into place to prevent Empress from attempting to blindside her in the wake of Drago Cesar’s massive announcement that made her the special guest referee for Wrestlution 18’s match between EMP and Heather Angelo. Speaking of which… Heather: Hell yes! There you are! Terra is relieved to see Heather and turns towards her with a smile. Heather: I’ve been looking for you since I heard the news. Drago Cesar just signed, sealed and delivered Empress’ fate next weekend. Terra: Yes, I am very relieved he- Heather: After what happened last year, after everything she’s done. Now she has no chance and will have to face the pied piper. I’m going to love getting my hands on her even more now. Terra: Heather. Heather’s joyous rambling breaks for a moment to acknowledge the firm interruption. Terra: I am very relieved Drago Cesar assigned a special referee for the match, I am. Terra: …But please understand that I am not out there to gang up on Kumiko or anything like that. Heather’s head tilts, almost trying to decipher what she had just heard. Heather: Mida, I thought you woul- Terra: I need you to understand how seriously I take this. Drago Cesar has put his neck on the line for you… For you to get a FAIR fight. We both know how capable she is, how resourceful. I will be there to stop her from using those resources in an unfair way… Heather’s joy has now mostly faded as she continues to listen. Terra nods and puts her hand on Heather’s arm. Terra: That extends to you as well. I know how emotional this is. I was in the same place last year. What I told you last week still must ring true. You have to do this YOUR way and you have to do it the RIGHT way. Terra: I will keep her in line… And you as well, if it comes to it. The important part is ensuring that EMP cannot snake her way out of this, not to stoop to her level. Her hand slowly releases from Heather’s arm as she seems conflicted choosing the high road. Terra: As long as you understand that… I have the utmost faith that you will be the one to remove Kumiko once and for all. Heather: I… Understand. I know what I have to do. Terra: Good. I believe in you. ???: As do I. The sound of digitized speech through a speaker is heard as both women turn toward the source of the sound; Dragana Cesar puts her phone away and opens her arms out for a hug. Terra: …Regina Tacet! She smiles wide and jumps into her friend’s arms as they embrace each other. Terra: I am so happy to see you. After a moment, Dragana turns to Heather. Heather: Hey, we haven’t had a chance to talk. I’ve been meaning to apolog- She’s cut off by a hug from the Silent Queen. Heather slowly wraps her arms around her to reciprocate. Dragana lets go, then gently takes Heather’s hand with both of hers. Heather: Thank you! What you do for people is remarkable. Send a special thanks to Amy and give Harper my thanks well. Heather: This is so overwhelming and heartwarming. I swear I won’t let any of you down. I will do everything and anything to end Empress tyranny over OCW. The Hall of Famer nods and gently squeezes Heather’s hand. Heather looks into her big blue radiant eyes. Dragana waves them goodbye before she turns around and walks away. Terra: Soror… Terra looks back at her security before walking away, they follow her close behind as Heather tries to digest what her friend has said to her.
  2. Amazing ending, loving the builds and focused attention. The work on Tre/Rachel and Dawg/Marisa has been awesome to watch. Great fast paced ass match in the ME. Opening RP was completely without dialogue but a tremendous job at telling a story without it. I loved the B17 video segment but please go out of your way to read his interaction with Tony in that RP. Lot of emotion and tie ins to their feud 3 years ago. I hope Stv vs Nate fucks as much as I want it to!
  3. It has been a while since I have been this emotionally upset at the end of a show.
  4. Exciting stuff! Formatting wise, you don't need to use the brackets [] for narrative or non-speaking parts, as long as it's bold, the Morrison Method will do the rest. Just add a line break (enter) between the narrative stuff and dialogue. Content wise, that's pro wrasslin! Looking forward to seeing what Megan's aesthetic is all about on RIOT. The go-home before our biggest PPV event of the year, lots of eyes and a great place to debut.
  5. Why won't you leave the rookies alone? You are really fucked up
  6. WRESTLUTION 18 NEWS - OCWFED.COM As news has broken recently that the Wrestlution 18 card is "all but finalized", there have been several questions surrounding the stars of OCWFed and where they will eventually fall for the biggest 2-night event in pro wrestling history, when Atlanta's state of the art Mercedez-Benz Stadium hosts Wrestlution XVIII on July 13th and 14th. With the event just 3 weeks away, most champions in OCW have begun the arduous process of finding their challengers, though some being handled a little more personally than others. A great example of this comes from the shocking return of the longest reigning CCW Champion in history, Antonio Everrett, this past Friday on RIOT 622. Antonio returned to shock the OCW world at the end of the show, seemingly reigniting his legendary rivalry with current CCW Champion B17. Long time fans will remember 3 years ago, shortly after defeating Thomas Archer to retain the CCW title, B17 was again taken by surprise as Antonio walked through the crowd to confront B17, which led to a physical battle culminating in Antonio defeating B17 at Wrestlution 15 in Los Angeles. The saying rings true, "the more things change, the more they stay the same". B17 was not the only world champion in search of an opponent for Wrestlution, as since taking over as the leader of the House of Faith, OCW's World Women's Champion Deborah Soto has seemingly rested on her laurels, thanks to the overwhelming protection provided from River and Joanna Silver. Since capturing the title at Summercide 2023, Deborah has held the OCW World Women's Championship for 321 days and counting, the longest women's championship reign in modern history, only rivaled by Sophia Ortiz' massive 392 day reign back in 2017. That reign will sit at 342 days and 8 defenses once we arrive at Mercedez-Benz Stadium for Wrestlution Atlanta. There has been plenty of speculation of who could possible threaten such a reign now that the devious House of Faith surrounds the dominant champion. Joanna specifically shared some very pointed words to Deborah & the House's enemies on Friday, during a segment on RIOT. Despite the threat, Deborah has been forthcoming and open about her previous and future challengers, insisting the House is on the same page and they are a preventative measure to prevent her from "being jumped" or attacked from behind as the OCW Women's division continues to grow stronger. Along with long-time veteran Queen Mab recently re-signing with the company, new rookies such as throwback Christine, mysterious PERL, joshi sensation Junko Jirrota & powerhouse Rachel Lochlan have only bolstered the incredibly talented women's locker room. In news that may have come as a big relief to both fans and detractors alike, the speculation will finally end on Turmoil on Friday, June 28th, as Deborah recently announced via Instagram Live that she and the House will finally announce Deborah's challenger for Wrestlution 18. Deborah revealed that management has allowed her a part in the decision, obviously creating a buffer that will prevent Deborah from staging a ruse to defend the title under false pretenses. She is confident that management, specifically Tiberius Dupree and Jaysin Sensation, have accepted her choice and she wants to announce it live next week. Wrestlution continues to heat up on all levels and there is no doubt that this 2-night event will end up being the greatest event in OCW history as we head into the Summer of 2024.
  7. Maxx is so mad, Also - give me toitle shot
  8. A blurry view follows an individual into the corner of a private locker room. The lens is blurred and stifled, turning various shades of red and black as it crashes onto the concrete ground below. The roar of a capacity crowd filling the seats of the Pechanga Arena juxtapose the concerning visual, but accompanies a nearby TV in the corner of the empty locker room. Time has passed and the OCW faithful have moved on from whatever resulting damage is being dealt with behind the scenes. The rest of OCW Point Break continues to play out on this television, which is barely audible over the crowd. A single streak of red falls into frame, as blood drips over the eyes of the individual dealing with the aftermath. A sudden shutter of light brings us to a new vantage point. We see one half of Perfect Storm sitting alone in the corner of the room, wiping the streak of blood from his eyes. He looks at his fingers before looking at the ceiling confused, almost not believing that it's his blood. He breaths heavily in the corner for a moment, the sweat combining with his bloody face to create a damp waterfall of suffering. He smirks, the blood dripping down past his lip and staining his teeth. He knows what comes next. The locker room morphs away slowly and eerily melts into darkness, several lights filling the room in a familiar way. Ijitu Quartz' laughter becomes more outlandish, before he angrily wipes the crimson mask across his face and through his hair, brushing it back and grimacing, knowing what - or who - comes next. Ijitu Quartz: That all you got, you gah' damn vultures!? I am not impressed! Ijitu Quartz continues to mock the darkness as he chuckles, wiping the blood and sweat from his face, attempting to regain clear vision. As he drags his palm across his right eye, clearly revealing the bright blue in his eye, two figures step into view. The former OCW World Champion stares straight forward with the same chaotic anger, waiting to react. In a cut-off black trenchcoat, a mirror of the man himself steps forward, pulling his light reading glasses down and furrowing his brow. He lifts his hand as a small black book forms in his hands. Intell Quartz: Let's see... 2018, You fell time and again by your own arrogance... Changes were needed. Intell Quartz: 2019... Road 2 Gold Tournament... Yep, once again. Intell Quartz: 2021... A jaw-dislocation by the foot of your own flesh and blood. Again. Ijitu leans up into the darkness to cut off Intell's rambling. Intell lifts his reading glasses again and holds the book open, waiting for Ijitu's response. Ijitu Quartz: Yeah, read off your accomplishments then, dipshit! Intell looks disappointed and shakes his head, before readjusting his glasses and continuing. Intell Quartz: 2024... Failed to redeem himself, even by manipulating his own brother. Once agai- Ijitu Quartz: Manipulating?! I swear to god, I will make sure none of us get out of this pit if you finish that sentence. As he finishes his threat, Inness Quartz steps out of the darkness, his long brown beard and shaven head not concealing his legitimate concern for the man suffering on the floor below him. Intell Quartz: Interesting... Please do not forget that all of us represent him, it's in my best interest to protect what you seem so intent on destroying. Intell closes his book and walks forward, calmly closing his reading glasses and placing them gently in the inside of his coat pocket. He thinks for a second before leaning over the battered and bloody Ijitu Quartz. Intell Quartz: Even you can't be so foolish to think we've made it this far without cooperation. This entire time, you have thought it's been a war between the three of us. A war of control, a war between three ideas that think they knew what was best for the body. Intell Quartz: This kind of rebellion is unlike you, Ijitu. Of course, not in general... But towards us? Intell smiles and slowly turns back to look at Inness Quartz, standing with his arms crossed, observing the scene. Intell Quartz: If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were more like Inness than you thought. Ijitu slams his head backwards into the ether, providing himself the adrenaline and grip enough to stand to his feet without assistance. He takes another swipe across his own face, smearing the blood even further, as he steps into the face of Intell. The man donning black simply smiles at him, knowing the three cannot physically interact in the Mind. Ijitu Quartz: I am nothing like that quitter. I'm sure you have records in your little book, too, don't you? Ijitu Quartz: In fact, even if I was, it'd be better than being a sad gaslighting, fake ass intellectual. Ijitu Quartz: Because with him, I know he's gone to war for him. He's put the body on the line just as much as I have. What have you done? Ijitu turns his attention to Inness, still standing silently with his arms crossed. Ijitu Quartz: I'm not giving you shit. You're gonna have to TAKE control from me to stop me from doing what I set out to do. Ijitu Quartz: So if you're going to do it, you better do it now. C'mon, big man! I kicked your little creep pet project Deaver in his face. I ran off that fucking leech Rust Cohle. If you're gonna do something, try it. Inness does not respond, instead only giving a thousand yard stare as Ijitu continues. Ijitu Quartz: That's what I thought... Because you rejected an opportunity that I never gave you permission to reject. You wanna make us out to be this weak second fiddle? I won't let you. H2O is the only one who had a shot at stopping me. He's the only one worthy of my time. Ijitu Quartz: So if you two edgelord fucks have nothing more interesting to tell me... I'm out. I'm not letting you take control from me until I hold the tag team championships again. Intell Quartz: Your priorities are no better for us than they were in 2018. You think you're the hero, but not a single person on the other side sees it that way. Ijitu laughs Ijitu Quartz: Oh is that right? And what did you do when you had control? Lose to AC Cobra? Ijitu Quartz: That's what I thought. Ijitu looks at each of Inness and Intell separately, before taking a deep breath and taking a step. The original locker room begins to manifest... Intell Quartz: I am no fighter. I am a survivor. Sooner, rather than later... You will realize that your reckless pride, your arrogance? It will again force you back here... When that time comes, I will be the one to keep Quartz going. Ijitu pauses for a second, but does not respond, instead choosing to push through the ether into the real world. The light sounds of the TV are once again joined by the roar of the crowd as Harvey Ocean comes through the door, seeing the bloody mess of a partner standing sternly in front of him. Ijitu Quartz: I'm going to fix this... If it's the last gah' damn thing I do. The scene fades as the two convene about their next steps.
  9. Shout out to Maxx and Parca's segment tonight. So hard to pull that off in video game form but this is why people preach to not rely on beatdowns so much, these two laid that foundation and it was incredible. I look forward to reading the words tomorrow!!
  10. What an incredible show. I'm the flightiest loser in the world and make no promises to change... but my god, when the planets align and we get such a masterclass of match-rating, storytelling, effort, and production. It's a chefs kiss. I've put over the previous shows this year, and I know... I KNOW this level of constant back and forth in the ring will eventually drain me and annoy me, but for right now, everything is awesome and it all fell on this show. Sometimes the moons align in the wrong way and the individual contributions clash in the wrong way, but tonight, the moons aligned and they clashed in the best way. What an awesome show. Life is garbage, but right now? OCW is definitely not. Thanks for that, y'all.
  11. After injuring Alexa Hayes and mocking her during her absence, ALEXA HAYES reappeared tonight after 252 days on OCW's Season Premiere of RIOT 619!!!
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